What Berlin can do Basel already for a long time: In the real estate market intervention. Berlin tenant collected within a week of 20’000 signatures to nationalize property. In Berlin rampant, the housing shortage, there are approximately 100’000 apartment units are missing. This drives the prices up, 13.84 francs per square meter for a Studio or 14.79 francs for a family apartment. In the last ten years, real estate has doubled in prices in Berlin.

In Basel, the cost of the apartment for rent also, but much less strongly than in Berlin. Since the year 2000, the apartment, increased rent in the city on the Rhine, a district, such as the “NZZ am Sonntag” writes. In Basel, a Studio costs 16.02 francs per square meter, a family apartment 17.52 francs.

protection against mass dismissal comes too late

However, not only higher Rents, but also mass cancellations of tenants due to total renovation in Basel for big Trouble. This has led to that in June of 2018, a residential protection Initiative and the Initiative had the right to Reside at the ballot box success. It must not be the same as expropriation, as in Berlin, but also the Basel initiatives to Mietschutz be “by Swiss standards, radical”, as the “NZZ on Sunday” says.

the Initiative calls for right to Housing, the city of Basel to take measures so that the citizens find an apartment that meets your needs and your financial capacity. Without strong Intervention in the real estate market. Nevertheless, The possible creation of a public housing Foundation welcomes even the local home owners Association.

in Addition, the initiatives should be in front of Mietkündigungen on a large scale to protect. However, you still don’t grasp. Since the adoption of the initiatives already over 1000 tenants in Basel would have received a mass termination of writes, the Basel tenants Association. Including the mass cancellation by the football-Star Breel Embolo (VIEWS reported), Switzerland made far for headlines. Meanwhile, an arbitration hearing showed that the tenants get a little more time for the extract from the need of renovation of house (koh)