The government introduces a universal mechanism for solving the housing issues of citizens lost their homes due to emergencies. The Commission will examine such housing unfit for living, not waiting from citizens of statements and papers with proof of ownership. Documents and a list of accommodation will be automatically formed on the basis of data of the egrn. The government expects that this will significantly reduce the time of the issuance of new housing.The head of the government Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree simplifying the procedure for obtaining new housing to replace those destroyed during emergencies. Until now, affected individuals had to apply and confirming the right of ownership of documents in the Commission, who recognize the house uninhabitable.Today at a meeting with his deputies, the Prime Minister recalled that after the floods in the Irkutsk region in June 2019, not all victims were able to obtain new housing. Then, because of flooding of housing has lost more than 17 thousand people (5 thousand), as damages for the loss of the property, according to estimates of the Ministry amounted to 10.8 billion rubles For social support and housing from the reserve Fund and then was allocated 14.7 billion RUB In this case by September 2019, the certificates for purchase of housing has received only a third of those affected.”We eliminate this defect. The resolution establishes a special algorithm of work of interdepartmental commissions, which recognize the house unfit for habitation”,— said Mikhail Mishustin. Consolidated list of residential properties on-site emergency will be formed automatically based on the data of the Unified state register of real estate (egrn). The citizens, whose homes in the list were not included, will remain eligible to apply to the Commission for examination. On the issuance of the Commission within 20 calendar days, then within 10 days issued a decree on the terms of resettlement of citizens whose homes are deemed unfit.Diana Galieva