Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, instead of trying to repay today the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the Bud, on the contrary, began to foment militancy in the Azerbaijani society. This writes the international observer “Kommersant” Maxim Yusin in his newspaper column.

Thus, the expert stressed that Ankara has created problems for President Ilham Aliyev, who, unlike a large part of his countrymen not in the mood for confrontation, but is forced to reckon with supporters of revenge, louder statement piece.

“what not to say if “big brother”, President Erdogan says about unconditional support if Turkish politicians are calling almost for direct military intervention, and the media has already reported, allegedly, the Turks are ready to send in aid to Baku groups of the Syrian opposition, which has effectively manifested itself in another hot spot in Libya, fighting on the side of the allies, Erdogan” asked Yusin.

According to him, following Turkey’s solidarity with Azerbaijan and expressed Pakistan is a nuclear power, a key regional player.

The journalist added that the conditional Armenian lobby in the United States or France has more restrained, but as the activation in the Caucasus, Turkey and Pakistan inevitably mobilized and their irreconcilable opponents: Greece and Cyprus in the ranks of the European Union, India and Iran in Asia.

Thus, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict risks from regional to become an international when different powers are geopolitical tug of the rope at the same time thinking not about the settlement, and the decision of its own, purely selfish task, summed up the expert.