“Aeroflot” in the framework of the new strategy until 2028 to focus on long-haul flights and medium-haul routes depart controlled by him “Victory”. The last can become the largest Russian carrier by passenger traffic in the 55-65 million people. In General, the group plans to increase the transportation up to 100 million passengers a year, and also due to the expansion of the “victory” of lower prices in economy class is 30%. The third airline group, “Russia”, will become “social”, and that it will get Russian planes. Experts doubt that the realization of the goals possible without the bankruptcy of other Russian airlines.”Aeroflot” has submitted to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin new group strategy until 2028 under the name 30/30. “We are ready to increase the volume of passenger traffic of 30 million, that is, we wanted our 100th anniversary to carry 100 million passengers, it is very big, we will go then, probably, the top ten airlines in the world, aviation groups,”— said the head of the company Vitaly Savelyev. In 2019, the group carried 60.7 million people. “Second 30” in the name of the strategy is to lower prices by 30% in economy class.Under the new strategy of “Aeroflot”, which in 2019 handled 37.2 million passengers, keeping the first place among Russian aviaperevochika, focus on long-haul flights and become a “five star company”. Today the company has a four-star Skytrax for service and five stars by the American Association of APEX for the service, said Mr. Savelyev. Now only one of five airlines — Lufthansa transports more than 35 million passengers annually, he said: because the quality of service can only come from a “narrow segment”.The loukoster “Victory”, “standing on the routes of Aeroflot, will substantially change the picture because of cheap tickets”: now, the airline sells 10% of the tickets for RUB 499 to 999 rubles., and “it is very significant for a passenger (and why the download is so big) thing”. The current development strategy of Aeroflot group until 2023 aimed at regional expansion: the creation of hubs in the airports of Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. Thus on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk airport “Aeroflot” was going to do an international transit hub for flights between Asia and Europe.”A victory” Aeroflot created a little over five years ago to work in the cheapest segment, maximally reducing the ticket price by saving on additional services, such as, abandoning in-flight catering. The airline has repeatedly said that due to the low prices tend to attract customers from other modes of transport — rail and road. In international aviation groups always present the low-cost airline, which is the main driver of growth of capitalization, and cost as a whole, said Mr. Saveliev.PRapologiesa that he “Aeroflot” to 2027-2028 years will operate a fleet of 170 aircraft and transported annually 35-40 million passengers. “Victory” will serve 55-65 million passengers using the medium-haul fleet of approximately 170 vehicles. Today, the “Victory” of 30 Boeing 737-800. In 2019, the company carried 10.3 million people, is fourth among Russian airlines.From “Russia” to 2027-2028 years will be 250 cars, of which 235 are of Russian production. “Of course, if the MS-21 will be a successful car — and we believe and hope we will in “Aeroflot” also use. While we just provide an opportunity to gain experience and acquire practice”,— said Vitaly Saveliev.Details of the development of the far Eastern group companies, “Aurora”, a top Manager did not disclose, only mentioning that she “managed separately”. It was assumed that a United far East airline will be created on the basis of “Aurora”. Kommersant’s sources in the industry said that Aeroflot is not interested to develop business with the regional carrier. This year it was reported that the authorities of the Sakhalin region (control 49% of the “Aurora”) are in negotiations with “Aeroflot” on purchase of shares (51%).The General Director of the Friendly Avia Support company Oleksandr Lanetskiy notes that the calculations of the group based on the market performance in previous years. Plans to increase to six times the volume of traffic “Victory” partially executable at the expense of the “Aeroflot” as the company goes from the status of classic low-cost carrier to the feeder, that is, will carry passengers for flights of other airlines like KLM Cityhopper or Lufthansa Cityline for. Also in favor of “Victory” may be the bankruptcy of some players, continues Mr. Lanetsky, as part of the customer will go to “Win” at the expense of lower tariffs. According to Alexander Lanetsky, without redistribution of the market and only through organic growth such indicators of ridership is unlikely to be achieved.In the third quarter will begin the withdrawal of airlines from the market due to the difficult financial state, says the Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. Taking into account the “lost” months and care carriers in the industry will carry in 2020, 50-60 million passengers. The post-crisis recovery will repeat the scenario of 2016, when after the departure of the “Transaero” company divided the released demand and the largest share of demand will be the one who will offer attractive rates. “Victory” in such circumstances, could take the place of the main carrier.Olga of Nicotinamine ready to fight for next to vyrovnyayut