Spain is at a standstill due to the Coronavirus since a week, the life completely. The country wants to curb with a drastic output the spread of Covid-lock 19. 47 million people in the country are locked up in their apartments and houses.

Including the two Swiss motorcycle racer Dominique Aegerter (29), and Junior hope Noah Dettwiler (14). You are in Spain, because it is the bike-Paradise. Countless race tracks, go-kart piste, Motocross facilities, and also in the Winter good weather for Outdoor Training. Dettwiler emigrated due to the training conditions, and even with his family, as the first Swiss Töffpilot to Spain.

But now this is bike-Paradise completely paralyzed. The Dettwilers are in your house in Adsubia, an hour South of Valencia, locked up. Father Andy says: “We were on a go-kart track for Training. On the way home it was striking a few cars on the road. Then we learned of the curfew.”

Complete Shutdown

Now everything is closed long ago, the people in Spain are locked up for at least 15 days. The routes, the Fitness Center, the KSB-racing school, where Noah often trained with other pilots: to has Everything. Dettwiler now home fit. With strength exercises, and with the road bike on the roller.

“For the school, he needs to learn anyway at home. Maybe we can make the mountain bike a exit to the Hinterland, where no one would see us,” says father Andy, laughing. Little episode could be expensive soldiers to monitor the curfew, also drones can be used.

Aegerter sits after Test-cancellation-proof

shares Further to the North, putt-Mr Aegerter the same fate. He sits in an apartment in Sant Cugat, North of Barcelona. Domi had come for the MotoE Test, and his Winter Training in the country. This week, he should travel for a Superbike-Test for Honda next to Malaysia. “But the Test was cancelled last week. I’ve decided to stay in Spain, as I have previously trained here, well-with Cycling, Supermoto, Motocross and coil and bracket original suppressor. But now everything is forbidden. I train now in the apartment and hope that I can get back in a week or two in Switzerland.”

The season would go for the two Swiss living in Spain at the beginning of may in Jerez. In the frame of the bike-Grand-Prix Aegerter starts in the MotoE and Dettwiler in the Junior class, Red Bull Rookies Cup. But that in Jerez, the race will take place, believes that in Spain hardly anyone.