It is too early to roll the action back in the UNITED states, says which after the Trump-hope påskeåbning.

As the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, on Tuesday spoke about a re-opening of parts of society to easter, it was more of an attempt to give people hope than a plan.

It tells more advisers Thursday local time, according to news agency AP.

the Advisor in The White House Kellyanne Conway said at a news conference:

– I think that the president is about to talk about easter gave people a whole lot of hopes and basically told us that it will not last forever, and we will see what happens with the passage of time, says Conway.

on Tuesday said Trump otherwise, a continued shutdown will be able to destroy the country.

– A lot of people agree with me. Our country is not built to shut down. You can destroy a country by closing it, he said in an interview with Fox News.

currently, many americans are sent home from their jobs in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

in Addition, there are introduced various restrictions, among other things, in relation to the distance to other people and larger audiences.

it Stands to Trump, so he will not have anything against it, that americans can return to their jobs around easter. It will say around 12. april.

I would love to see companies open around easter, said Trump.

Anthony Fauci, director of the USA’s national sundhedsinstitutter (NIH), counselled to return for calm after the announcement and has, by his own admission now talked with the president.

– I think that it is, as the president tried to do, was to provide a forecast, to which we could aspire, and which could give people hope, says Fauci Thursday on CNN according to the Daily Mail.

– But he listens to us when we say that we really need to evaluate the situation on the new all the time, and that any decision we take must be based on the data.

– What we have now is a situation where smittetilfældene today is markedly higher than yesterday, and the next day they rise too dramatically, so it is not now, we need to roll actions back, says Fauci.

the UNITED states overtook late Thursday night local time China in the number of persons found infected with the coronavirus. Here there was 82.404 smittetilfælde.

Particularly New York City, the state of Washington and Los Angeles are affected by the infection, and concern for the number of beds increases.

Trump dimmed long as the virus’s severity, before he announced a number of actions.