shows A recent study by the Institute for ecological economy research (IÖW), that housing owners ‘ associations can reduce their running costs significantly. Also, you made a contribution for climate protection. The study was conducted for the campaign “WAY of the future” in the framework of the National climate protection initiative.

The potential is obviously large: Almost a quarter of all apartments in Germany according to the experts, housing owners ‘ associations (WEG).

The authors identify a “significant backlog of repairs for the insulation of outer wall, floor and cellar ceiling.” Often outdated technology will be used. In about 40 percent of the buildings the heating systems are already working for at least 20 years; ten percent were older than 30 years. IÖW

only the installer of insulation and new Windows carries with it save a lot of Potential energy.

in Most cases, between 16 and 30 per cent of savings potential

The Savings spent the majority of the investigated buildings with condos of between 16 and 30 per cent: prerequisites, in order to raise this potential: The apartments need to be insulated and new Windows have.

In 20 percent of all building energy consumption could be added to these measures, even by more than 30 percent, says the study.

renovate quickly pays for itself

According to the experts, apartment owners can take advantage of multiple opportunities to achieve the Savings: These ranged from the pump to swap in a new heating system to the dams. Depending on the scope of the remediation costs at “a few Hundred to several ten thousand euros”, according to the study. A pump exchange, for example, amortized itself already within a few years.

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save Now compare.

apartment owners want more advice and support

Nearly half of the respondents from their point of view inadequate advice criticized compare when it comes to the renovation of condominiums. Many housing owners ‘ associations said in addition to funding problems.

the authors of The study recommend that for both cases of artisans and manufacturers, independent energy advice. These specialists “can also search for funding and owners ‘meetings to attend”. In addition, they accompanied a renovation throughout their entire duration. The place to save the quality of the renovation to the success of the energy safely.

subsidies for energy consulting and new heating

With the climate package there is since February 2020, more funding for an independent energy consultancy, the study:

  • A grant of 80 per cent for housing owners ‘ associations – maximum of 1700 euros.
  • For the participation of the energy adviser at the owners ‘ meeting Eligible to receive an Extra grant of 500 euros.
  • The heating exchange, the state contributes up to 45 percent of the cost. For simpler measures, such as the pump exchange, Eligible to receive 30 percent.

funding find

interested members of the housing owners ‘ associations found on the website of the non-profit “co2online” a free grant Check. In the database, consumers can search specifically for grants and loans for condominiums.

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