the Mayor of Lolland Municipality believes that it removed the anlægsloft is good. He just has no joy of it.

An agreement on Thursday between the government, Local government Denmark and Danish Regions means that anlægsloftet for 2020 has been repealed.

the Municipalities can, thus, build and renovate for dear life.

the Agreement aims to boost the economy and secure jobs in the coronakrisen.

however, This requires that there is advice to the municipalities.

In the island of Lolland Municipality is the mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen (P) positive about the agreement, which he believes can put in motion the mechanism on the national level. It is just not a agreement, his municipality has joy of.

Lolland Municipality has never been in danger of hitting anlægsloftet, as the municipality simply does not have the money for capital expenditures.

– We can’t really use it for anything, or we could, if we had the money for it. We do not have any liquidity, says Holger Schou Rasmussen.

– We have lots of projects we want to move forward. We just have no money for it, he says.

He points out that it is mostly the larger municipalities in the joy of it here.

And it mayor may have had a point in.

the city of Copenhagen informs in a press release that they are ready to put the time in construction projects for up to 350 million kroner.

Many of the tasks will be started immediately, while most will be able to be implemented in 2020, according to the message.

In Norddjurs municipality, which is one of the smaller municipalities, believes mayor Jan Petersen (S), that they can get pleasure from the scrapped anlægsloft.

– We have opportunities to advance something of what we had planned in 2021, and it can be with to hold hand during the our craftsmen especially in this difficult time, says Jan Petersen (S).

the Government was also in his agreement, that could be borrowed for the capital expenditure, there was not afford.

Here is the mayor more restrained, as forward will be more expenditure to benefit claimants as a result of coronakrisen.

A loan is not an option at Lolland Municipality, as the municipality has a high debt in advance, points out the mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen (S).