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Adrian Amstutz:
As a campaign Manager for Switzerland, I take responsibility for that. Point.

The Nazi comparison can only make someone who has slept in history class. The SVP wants to save the best direct democracy, and Switzerland is not the EU has done. Where Brussels dictates the laws, the Federal government in Bern parried, and the people have nothing more to say. The Nazis did exactly the opposite; they have destroyed the democracy with violence and a dictatorship established. By the way, also the parties of the left animal subjects use, for example, if you are talking about the so-called locust capitalists.

Switzerland is the destruction of direct democracy through the forthcoming framework contract with the EU, the Problem. These all parties will support, with the FDP at the top, after the elections. Another Problem is the additional Million people in just 13 years! The consequence of this crowding in the trains, congestion on the roads, “Landfrass” for housing and infrastructure, more consumption of electricity, petrol and water, more wastewater, and more waste. In addition, the planned increases in petrol and heating oil prices mean more taxes for motorists, homeowners and tenants. Terrible is the Concealment of all the other parties before the elections that they will pay after the elections, the EU cohesion billion, and the UN-migration Pact under want to write. These parties pay attention to our direct democracy, and you are not matching people’s decisions as with the mass immigration and deportation initiative, will not want to implement, they have already demonstrated.

For the SVP, it is clear that they would be at received favourite in the whole of Switzerland, with the FDP a list connection. An additional FDP-seat in Parliament is better than an additional Linker. In 2015, the FDP would have gained three additional seats. But that’s not want the FDP, not even in the elections of 2019. Instead, the FDP wants to be Left in some cantons, rather an additional than a SVPler in Parliament. In the Jura mountains in the Canton of Valais for example, this is so. But the fits to the latest change of course of the FDP, which wants to increase together with the SP now the gasoline and heating oil prices for the middle class, instead of for an independent and free Switzerland, with a good framework and for the preservation of domestic jobs to stand up.

The Interview was conducted in writing.