A post is turning heads and showing new levels of woke madness as a woman claims her sister wants to name her son Adolph so he doesn’t take away opportunities from “marginalized communities.”

“My sister is trying to name her son Adolph,” a user wrote on Reddit, then explaining her sister is seven months pregnant and wants to name her son after Adolf Hitler so “he can experience what other kids from less privileged backgrounds experience.”

The user explained her sister is not a Nazi and then posted a message from her that dove deeper into the reasoning behind the “problematic” name.

“White parents cannot sit idly by and allow their children to take up space and snatch opportunities away from those who deserve it more,” the message read. 

The name Adolph, according to the post, would give employers “pause” before hiring her son and perhaps help them to look at someone from a “marginalized community.” 

“BIPOX [black indigenous people of color] struggle with judgement over their names and to give my white (as far as I know) cis male son an ‘easy’ name like Peter just perpetuates the oppression from which he benefits,” it continues. “You cannot truly be anti-racist unless you are willing to put others in front of yourself AND your kids. Adolph will be a better man for it.”

Naming my baby Adolph because I’ve reached the pinnacle of wokeness

The post was removed from at least one Reddit community board with the moderators claiming it broke their “no trolling” rule. 

Whether the background to the post is true, it has spread like wildfire across social media with even more liberal critics finding issue with the new level of wokedom unleashed by the Adolph baby-naming social justice warrior.

“I’ve never seen a non-white person ask for crap like this,” one user tweeted in reaction. “I’d argue white liberals are sometimes even more racist than the average person when they bastardize movements doing sanctimonious performative bulls**t.”

“[That feeling when] you hate your child so much that you give him the name ‘Adolph’ so he can experience the hatred that ‘BIPOX’ have experienced,” author Allie Beth Stuckey added. 

I’m sorry…what?

Child abuse in the name of being wokeI hope it’s a troll post

Other critics pointed out the difference in the spelling of the name Adolph compared to Adolf Hitler, while others were left scratching their heads as to why the infamous dictator’s name was trending on the last day of 2020.

What’s worse, naming your child Adolf, or spelling it Adolph? 🤔

The problem with Adolph mom is she doesn’t know enough to name her kid Adolf.

not even 2 sips into my coffee and i see Adolph trending

me: why is Adolph trending??*sees why it’s trending*

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