Remember when I was a teenager. This is probably the most difficult time. Yes, there will be then in the life of drama and terrible than at 14-15 years. But then for the first time, all on the edge and sometimes it seems that the whole world is against you, that you are one on the whole planet. Made fun of classmates. The company urged on to try “nonsense”, otherwise you’re “not with them”. Betrayed best friend. Father left the family, and you blame only myself… And the worst thing is that often no one to turn to with their pain and complete confusion from happening.

Here, for example, bullying is a serious psychological, and often physical pressure of peers. Moreover, bullying can start from scratch (not dressed or trimmed, for example) and not stop for days when offline harassment goes online.

so what does the book dismiss someone from teenagers, “someone in the face beat, and you offer him books to read”?!

– In books, you can find answers to various questions. The theme of bullying well disclosed in the book by Stephen Caste “playing dead” – retorted Marina Smirnova, President of the Foundation “Living classics”, acted as one of initiators of the project.

In this story a group of young guys goes to have fun in the deep woods. The street is already light frost, and when the company gets to the place, they immediately make a fire, start drinking, Smoking soft drugs. So do all but one. This one understands that if nobody will follow the fire, they will all freeze. He patiently walks for firewood, throws branches on the fire, when all around are having fun in an altered consciousness. And then the company starts to encourage the main character: “Oh, you’re our slave, your slave job to bring firewood into the fire.” Ends high Jinks that someone thrusts a knife into the belly of the main character. The whole company in morning sobers up, and tries as fast as possible to get out of the forest, leaving the guy bleeding, one. Almost losing consciousness, he realizes that he can not change anything globally, it is not out of the woods. But begins to think that he can do at least for now, this single, minute. He literally crushes the rest of his life in tiny segments. Can reach the puddle and drink water, you can try to throw a branch into the dying fire.

At some point one of the girls from the company feel sorry for the guy, and she sends him a helicopter. Then he for a long time treated and returned to the city where his former buddies. And here, perhaps, begins the most intense moment of the story. What will he do in this situation? Any reader begins to think, what’s the plan for revenge will come up with the protagonist of each of those who offended him. In suspense the whole company, they expect and fear that vengeance. Each of them watching him. Plans of retribution builds himself a hero��. But at some point he realizes that the best revenge is not revenge. To leave forever those who humiliated him in this dark and terrible fear for what will happen to them.

– Many teenagers books, we don’t give them a recipe for solving a problem, not suggest to emulate the protagonist, says Marina Smirnova, – we offer them to start thinking about some situation, to look at it from different perspectives. How would each of them? Whether you want revenge or not? Is there a way to stop the bullying? And what to do in situations that seem hopeless.

recognized As the initiators of the project, have the idea, and another goal is to introduce Teens to read.

– Often children do not have enough books with heroes and peers who are in exactly the same situations. If you are a girl experiencing first love, she will likely want to read about it. And it is important to offer the teenager a boring book, a book that will captivate him, make you think, will help to cope with their own experiences. Heroes of world literature have gone through quite all that worried about modern teenagers, believes Marina Smirnova.

“the Big showdown” as the authors of the project, will allow you to talk openly and honestly about issues that are important to adolescents at their age. And speak their language.

– the schools teach mathematics, physics, provide global knowledge, but none of them will teach you how to build relationships with each other, – said the Deputy Chairman of Fund of development of the conflict Ilya Lysenko. – In adolescence, first love, the understanding of parents and the respect of their peers is more important than the ability to solve even the most complex tasks in the subjects. This for adults are actually the main values, but the teenager just learning to react to life’s problems and hurts him where it is.

technology is a “Big showdown” was. Once a week in the group “Living classics” on Facebook offers one of the most serious teenage problems. For example, Hyper parents when mother and father do not give to take a single step and thereby poison to a teenager’s life. And gives a book which will allow to understand the problem. Moreover, to understand not only themselves but also their parents. Three weeks later all going for a “round table” in “Zuma” and discuss why and how characters act. Offer their own versions. Teen will better understand what a teenager, even if it’s a literary hero.

There is an amazing book Nicola young “this Whole world”, which tells about this problem.

the girl has an incurable disease, it for life is doomed to be in a sterile space to breathe only sterile air, otherwise it will perish. Her circle of friends only my mother and a nurse, and her world is limited to the walls of the apartment. But she looks out the window, sees MalChica in the yard, they begin to communicate through the first glass, then the Internet. Fall in love with each other. And the girl decided to flee. She is committed to spend at least two days, but a good and happy life. Then it turns out that she has no terminal illness, what it came up with the mother. Once having lost her husband and son, she tried this way to save his daughter….

the Book is about how important it is at the crucial moment to make your own choices, however difficult they may seem. And yet, perhaps, that even in such a terrible situation, the mother did not act out of malice, but for the sake of the child. And if at least two or three teenagers its analysis will help to understand something very important in life, this is the result.

What books are based on the organizers of the project? The list is rich in typical stories, like life itself. Of course, the 14-15-year-old closer adolescent literature. But also recognized as a classic can give life lessons. For example, “Anna Karenina” will help you understand this painful topic, as the divorce of parents. And “Eugene Onegin” just perfect “textbook”, warning the lovers of girls who have decided to be the first to admit feelings for the guy. Is it worth it to do so recklessly, as Tatiana? Or to be open and sincere, and whether that will be? “The big showdown” will not give a recipe answer to all the questions – they will be taught how to think, how to find them.


the Project “the Big showdown” for Teens suit Foundation and development of conflictology. The project is implemented in social networks.