In St. Petersburg July 21, solemnly raised the flag of St. Andrew on the frigate of project 22350 “Admiral Kasatonov”. This means that the Russian Navy has joined the new warship. “MK” asked to evaluate this event of the former black sea fleet commander Admiral Igor Kasatonov, in honor of his father whom is named the newest ship. The Admiral was present at the ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag.

the Ceremony took place on the roads of the Neva river, where the ship came in to the main naval parade on July 26. Before the first serial frigate of the so-called Admiral of the series passed all the tests, spent rocket and artillery shooting. Raising the Andreevsky flag specifically to coincide with July 21, this day marks 110 years since the birth of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov, who was named in honor of the ship.

-Igor, what feelings were experienced?

-of Course, joy. Thanks to the Navy, the shipbuilders for what turned out to be the ship of the 21st century. This is the serial ship. A frigate is difficult to build. The fact that it coincided with the birthday of his father, and that all took place on the Neva river, in front of Petersburg – it’s great. Impressions the most good.

sailors of other countries such ships have?

-classification is a versatile ship. This tends to all the world’s shipbuilding. It is a global trend. But to do is only by the leading Maritime powers. In addition to Russia, the US, France, UK and China.

You commanded the black sea fleet. That would be to these ships!

-Well, you know, fleet does not happen much.

-Ukraine something similar is?

-these are incomparable things. The Ukrainian Navy emerged from the range of any comparable evaluations. There’s just no Navy.

-Except you at the ceremony were also representatives of the dynasty Kashtanovyj?

-Yes, there were grandchildren, great-grandchildren.


the Frigate “Kasatonov” is a modern and powerful ship far sea zone, which will strengthen the domestic fleet. The firepower of the new frigate allows you to combat surface, air and underwater enemy, to strike at surface and shore targets at a distance of 1.5 thousand km.

the day Before in St. Petersburg laid two more ships of this series – the frigate “Admiral Yumashev” and “Admiral Spiridonov” – in addition to the four under construction.

the Frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” will be part of the Northern fleet, as well as its predecessor – the flagship project of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”.

the project 22350 Frigates are designed to engage surface ships, convoys, amphibious forces, search and destroy submarines, land targets, anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-missile defence of ships and vessels, joint de��tion with amphibious assault forces, patrol service, protection of borders, protection of civil ships and objects in crisis and dangerous for swimming the World’s oceans.

the frigate Tonnage of 5000 tons. Length -135 m. Width – 16 m, Speed – 29 knots. Cruising range – 4500 miles. Autonomy – 30 days. The crew of 170 people.