Worse, the Start of the Serafe could be age: As Billag-successor under a special observation, sent the new fees-bill collector in early January, tens of thousands of false invoices.

you can do little, because the underlying data come from the municipalities. This can be also not much, at the apartment entry errors do happen.

Everything in Butter? Of course not, in this Chaos. Ofcom, Serafe and municipalities to create it once, to bring this within half a year in order. They had one and a half years time, in the foreseeable Situation.

Instead, the responsible persons stated on the January bill to be ambiguous, where you could contact for questions and corrections. They changed shortly after the delivery, the direction, and made the Serafe to the point of contact for address changes, which is not allowed to edit it but! It still searches for a solution.

For the receiver of the error calculations is the additional expense is annoying. For the fee payer, he is expensive. At the very least, made up for the fact that the Serafe with 20 million Swiss francs in the year requires just one-third for the payment of the Billag.

The Back-and-Forth is especially embarrassing. Until the end of their Collecting mandate by 2025 it will have received the Serafe 140 million Swiss francs. Of such an expensive project, the fee-payers expect more foresight and care.