After the Plan of the Federal Council, the national road network between the major cities “consistently” on at least six tracks to expand, was made public in Bern, the great los Expect.

to quantify The cost of the expansion from four to six lanes, is not very easy. “The cost varies depending on the section of the track solid, on the time axis. Who knows how the claims look like in 2030, what is the impact of, for example, automated vehicles have,” says Thomas Rohrbach, a spokesman for the Federal roads office (Astra).

A new highway miles will cost between 50 and 250 million Swiss francs. For a price idea of a highway expansion from two to three lanes – in the completely traffic – refers to Rohrbach to a current example: the Expansion of the Northern bypass between the limmattaler Kreuz, and North of Zurich.

Expansion without maintenance of the existing road there is no

The development costs for the 10.5 kilometres amount to a total of 1.55 billion Swiss francs. A lot of money, but it also includes the maintenance of the existing two-lane roadway. “This strikes alone, with 612 million francs,” says Rohrbach. If we deduct this sum from the total cost, the amount of the pure Expansion of the third track including a third tube of the Gubrist tunnel, approximately 90 million Swiss francs per Kilometer.

“This is an average value,” says Rohrbach. However, not even an unattractive one, if the economic Benefits of the route development of the costs deducted. “Every third jam hour, in Switzerland, takes place exactly on this of 10.5 kilometers,” says Rohrbach.

economic Benefits reduces the cost

But beware: in addition To the expansion costs include expenses for the maintenance, operation, and smaller buildings. These costs amounted 2017 for the existing national road network to 1548 million Swiss francs – an average of around 835 000 francs per Kilometer! Because the network covered by the end of 2017 throughout 1855 kilometres. To Railways but roads also car and ordinary roads included in addition to the car. Only 97 kilometers of six-lane highway.

The older a road the higher the traffic load and heavy traffic share, the more expensive it will be. Other operating costs are not expected to differ between two-and three tracks, however, large. For example, for the disposal of waste: after all, a Tonne per kilometres of motorway!