The lack of train drivers at SBB is so acute that now even the rail traffic is at a standstill. How to VIEW reported were a week ago in the Region of Zurich/Aargau in the morning and evening trains of the S-Bahn lines S19 and S42 completely. A total of 25 Compounds were affected.

According to the SBB, numerous building sites, and additional trains caused the annoying Situation. The need for more train drivers had been underestimated in planning. You have everything under control, claimed the SBB. But new Figures show The Problem is not from the table!

retirement wave rolls in

Indeed, it will exacerbate the shortage of personnel in the future, because the Federal Railways have a serious Problem: you, the young, and a retirement wave. Today, around 3500 driver inside and the driver are in the Pay of the SBB. But it needs more of them, because the Federal government want to expand you offerings.

in Addition, a huge retirement rolls shaft. Currently, about 90 train drivers go a year in Pension, 35 out of a divorce due to the normal fluctuation. By 2024, the SBB expects that even with a year approximately 175 employees who leave the company because of their age. According to this account, must occupy the state-owned railway within the next five years, almost 1000 new.

trade unions are subject to criticism from stock

For Hans-Ruedi Schürch (52), President of the Lokomotiv staff Association of LPV and for 31 years, and the SBB train driver, is made of the lack of personnel in-house. Be charge: SBB would have missed the Problem. “The fact that a large number of train drivers is now on the Board, know the SBB is not only since today, but since at least 2005.”

Schürch is SBB chief Andreas Meyer (58) directly to blame for the lack of staff: “Mr Meyer has never made a secret of the fact that the SBB prefer to work with a light under inventory as a train driver too much.” The result: a train driver would make for years, a number of working Overtime and on holidays without.

SBB spokesman Reto Schärli, responded: “A stock was, and is, never the goal. Over the year as a whole, a balanced staff, the Crews consisted of.” Because of the Retirement of many experienced train driver was, in fact, possible to predict from the form of the SBB according to Schärli for years, significantly more drivers.

SBB lure German driver

in Spite of a nationwide Mega-marketing campaign in the past year, the SBB could not find enough candidates for locomotive engineer training. Therefore, the transport extended companies in the recruitment field, to Germany.

The Cargo subsidiary in Germany, has promised the drivers even with a special allowance of 500 Euro per month. With the action, the gap of 50 drivers should be filled, the absence on the North-South axis. Whether the Posts have been filled, meanwhile, could not answer the SBB until the editorial deadline. The crux of the problem: in Germany, massive driver shortage.

contract workers must help out

at the same time be rented according to SBB today day 15 train drivers in passenger and freight traffic from a third – party company “the course”. Reason: “an External driver can help with certain seasonal peaks,” says spokesman Schärli. Whether the Federal Railways in the future, even more temporary workers to hire in order to compensate for the lack of staff, could not answer the SBB on request.

another Problem is that The Job as a train driver is no longer attractive. During the training, the annual salary is just under 45’000 francs. After the training, the employees start with an annual salary of 70’355 Swiss francs. Driver Schürch calls: “training, wages, and the wage rise thereafter, must be significantly improved. The maximum wage should also be raised.”

in Addition, the fear is that the trains will be through the automation of one day being without a driver on the road. SBB spokesman Schärli reassuring: “Even with the technical further development of the trains it will need in the future, well-trained professionals in the trains.”