Actress Tatyana Vasileva has told cheating husband

In the period of married life, the actress secretly met with the former Director of the Moscow Theater of Satire Valentin Pluchek.

“Anatoly knew about it, but he was not up to me. Although he was standing in the office Pluchek and watched. What to watch? Well come and kick his face. Well, God forgive me!”, – shared details Vasiliev.

the wife Pluchek Zinaida Pluchek also knew about the love Affairs of her husband.

“But Zina was very wise. Didn’t look it,” he said Vasiliev.

In 2018, with the U.S. and the Metropolitan subway had a nasty accident. The actress admitted that she regularly uses the subway, not to stand in traffic congestion. The actress went for a workout in one of the fitness clubs. At that time, when she came to the car door without warning suddenly closed. Received semenivski its doors, head injury Vasilyev told about that at the same moment the carriage came families with children.

the Actress after the Institute Sklifosovsky magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to go home. According to the victim artist, the incident without serious consequences, but in General what happened, can not disturb.

Representatives of the Moscow metro apologized to Vasilyeva for the incident and expressed the hope that she will soon go on the amendment.

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