Actress Laura Prepon has just published a book about it to become a mother, and in this regard she has stated that she will be completely honest.

And something could indicate that she is living up to its promise, for in the book, she talks frankly about having battled with bulimia in the big parts of his life. A disease, she was introduced to by her mother.

‘My mother taught me bulimia. It started when I was 15, and it lasted, for I was far up in my twenties,’ says the actress, who today is 40 years.

Laura Prepon, as people know from the series like ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘That ’70s show’ saying that it was in connection with an audition for a modelling agency, her focus on weight train to.

the Mother would help her daughter with a lose weight, and Prepon clearly remember the feeling of how proud her mother was when she weighed just 47 kg.

One day said the mother to her that it was possible to get the best of both worlds – she could both eat and at the same time lose weight. How was Laura Prepon introduced to bulimien.

Mother and daughter had in spiseforstyrrelsen a secret together. Even had the mother learned when she went to university, that when she lost weight, she gained success.

Mother met, for example, Laura Prepons father after having lost weight, reveals the actress in his book.

She explains further that, despite everything, was a desire to help her daughter, who drives the mother. Today Laura Prepons mother got Alzheimer’s disease, and when disease was found, put it in something at her daughter, who had to look at his history with his mother again.

Laura Prepon has now released a book called ‘You and I, as Mothers’ (you and I, as a mom, red.), where she puts all the cards on the table.

the Actress became mum to her first child, the girl, Ella, in 2017.

In February featured the star and her husband, actor Ben Foster, as their second child, a little boy, welcome to the world.