June 22, Svetlana Kryuchkova — anniversary. If you follow the logic of one of her favorite theatre Directors Roman Markholia, then Kryuchkov — it’s all Russia. She comes out of the same city. It is more than one city. She is a Russian artist, and therefore very Moscow. And Moscow — all of Russia.

Although she was born Svetlana Kryuchkova in Moldova: June 22, 1950, in Kishinev. But to do went to Moscow. In drama school it took only three attempts. It was the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. There was no money, they had to spend nights at train stations. And then once in five theatres called, but she chose the Moscow art theatre and now remember with gratitude Oleg Efremov.

Is he took me to the theater. I’m already a third year realized that Oleg Nikolaevich invited me over. We played graduation performances back in the old “contemporary”. Imagine what was Ephraim? Remember how he was appointed to lead the Moscow art Theater, and we students ran to watch. Gave him a large bouquet of red roses, and he said, “They always does.” These words hit me right in the heart. All he started doing at the Moscow art Theater, was very important. What forces he was attracted to! The theatre created a new breath. I got there a little later, when the Roman Viktyuk staged his first big play by Mikhail Roshchin, “the Husband and wife will remove the room”, and now the legendary Anatoly Vasiliev — “Copper grandmother” by Leonid Zorin, where Oleg Efremov played Pushkin. Inside “the Copper grandmother” was entirely “a feast during the plague”, and Anatoly Vasilyev gave me the role of Mary. I Oleg a lot of respect.

He knew my husband — cameraman Yuri Veksler. Efremov starred in the title role in the film “Hello and goodbye” by Vitaly Melnikov, and Yura shot him as an operator. When I decided to go to Leningrad, then called Oleg home. Now is even hard to imagine. And then you can call the main Director while on vacation home. Efremov picked up, and we had this conversation: “Oleg, I’m leaving the theater.” — “Out of your mind? You’re Julia in “summer residents” bitter must play”. “I’m getting married”. — “Well, for whom?” — For “Wechsler”. “For Wexler? Come out.” After my friend’s death, Ephraim was the only person who came to me and said: “I was so fond of Yuri. If you can do something to help him and your son Mitya, tell me. Will do everything I can.” No one of those people who lived, drank, ate and slept in our house did not. Remember how Yura brought Oleg Nikolaevich after the shoot join us for lunch. And he had calcification, liming vessels, and therefore, freezing the legs. And my then mother lived. She brought Oleg a warm electric boots. I fed him soup. A man came to our house!

he Moved to Leningrad and became the wife of Yuri Veksler, Svetlana Nikolaevna in 1975 he entered in the BDT under the responsibility��Alstom George Tovstonogov. Working there still. Outplayed many roles, which can only dream of: Luba in the “Fantasy Faryateva”, Victoria in “the day”, Aksinya in “and Quiet flows the Don”, Mamaev in “the wise man stumbles”. After the role of Mother Courage in the play by Brecht, who put invited from Moscow, Sergey Yashin, was an interesting continuation. In 2002, he was invited Svetlana Nikolaevna in your Theater. Gogol on the role of German Director and favorite of Hitler’s, Leni Riefenstahl, accused of promoting Nazism. The play “Marlene” rehearsed so that Kryuchkov, which doctors recommended bed rest, got to Institute Sklifosovsky.

In the movie, it all started by accident. Kryuchkov was a student when I saw her on “Mosfilm” Alexey Korenev, then started for the movie “Big break”. He tried aspiring actress in the role of the teacher and Ganji’s wife Svetlana Afanasievna, but what came out of it, best says the actress.

— Alexey Korenev — my godfather in the movie. I went two years at “Mosfilm”, tried, and if he didn’t take me where I was now? Perhaps would be a good actress but wouldn’t be so popular. He approved me for the role without an arts Council. First tried on the role of the teacher Svetlana Afanasievna. In the presence of Vadim, he said, “Now you he can drag through the door, and you should not let him to do it.” I was a student with a scholarship is 28 rubles. We ran on Pushkin street to the diner for drivers, where the tables were free black bread, mustard and salt. We smeared the bread with mustard, sprinkled with salt and eaten. I was half-starved and not very strong, and Alexander Zbruev was avitaminosis a famous actor. It is generally strong, and even a fighter who grew up in Moscow courtyards. When he dragged me, I realized that the task of the Director is not satisfied. Then I grabbed the teeth.

— I Left in tears, but did not enter the house, as was called by the assistant Koreneva: “Alexey Alexandrovich takes you, but offers a different role.” And then, without Council did not take the actors, we had three candidates for each role to represent. Originally Korenev thought that the role of Nelly’s Leneveu will play Katya Vasilyev, and after the rehearsal with the bite I was appointed and never showed. The role grew and grew, I even sang, which was not in the script.

the 70th anniversary of Svetlana Kryuchkova will celebrate in Moscow, but only in the fall. She will spend the anniversary evening, but not in the usual for such a case format.

— Usually at these things I told you about myself, about what I did. But in the current situation which some people have been so hard — someone has lost a loved one who is himself ill, — well, what am I going to dry out? Decided to show what the most��more valuable for my soul. More than 50 years I have been what you read poems by poets who love working with all professionals in the world, studying their life and work. My night in Moscow will be called “relentless masterpiece”. I read the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, Anna Akhmatova, Maria Petrova.

Svetlana Kryuchkova also for the first time will play in Moscow in two performances of BDT them. G. A. Tovstonogov — “Life ahead” based on the novel by Romain Gary and “the Player” Dostoevsky. Both raised Roman Markholia. And organizes commemorative events, a theater critic and daughter of Oleg Efremov, Anastasia Ephraim, head of the Fund in his name and festival “Postermobile space.” According to her, the tire iron plays Svetlana Nikolaevna takes day.

Some Directors say they will never work with the hook, because she’s wayward. Rather — demanding. She is tough as nails, and her trust must still be earned. She believes that her roles in these two productions — as heaven and earth: “Looking “Player”, the viewer can say, “Well, all I understand about it”. And suddenly he sees “Life ahead”, where I’m completely different. You never know where you’ll go and that’ll play. I really believe the Roman markholia. Sometimes he says, “Tell me so”. I don’t even ask why, although I absolutely do not understand. But when we reach the finals, beginning to understand.”

Roman Markholia they found a common language. And he just said: “Always her appearance at the theatre — it was an earthquake. Worried about everything from personnel to colleagues. We think in parallel. This fantasty, but the reason for the “Player” we came at the same time. And Romain Gary, which I thought was one of my favorite authors Svetlana Nikolaevna. When I called “Life ahead,” she said, “Do! I’ve been wanting to try this”. It is, of course, not very trusting and gives consent not always. But if we said “Yes”, then it’s solid. She’s risky, reckless man.”

Proposals from filmmakers Svetlana Kryuchkova takes rarely. She recently explained it, “MK”: “Why should I participate in a movie script, the crowded Mat? I read Russian poetry, poetic prepare a serious program, so people do not forget their culture. My eldest son, Dmitri, living in France, two children, and I wrote to them, Chukovsky, Marshak, Daniil Kharms ‘agniyu Barto”. With his younger son Alexander Kruchkov it is almost 15 years touring the world. He’s the guitarist, was educated at the Conservatory in Brussels. Their programs dedicated to the anniversaries of Anna Akhmatova, Raisa Kudasheva, who wrote “In the forest was born herringbone”, Gennady Shpalikov and other, sometimes unexpected, poets.

Recently heard the praise in his address, said: “the funeral will not hear about you will to speak, so at least now will listen.” When mental illness, she admits that she made a mistake did not relate to their health. “It’s the only thing missing for me right now. But my mother told me: “Light, think about your health.” I answered: “Mom, you’re annoying, leave me alone.” In one of the biblical commandments says: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I only read up to “love thy neighbor”, and 55 read the rest. If I’d listened to mother, now the people around me would be easier to live.”