“lawyers for the family of Hannelore Elsner we have the sad duty to inform the Public that Hannelore Elsner ill surprisingly heavy, and on Easter Sunday, peacefully asleep,” said Prince. To more Details, taken out of respect for the privacy of the family.

Martin Moszkowicz, head of Constantin Film, in a message, quote: “Hannelore Elsner, the German cinema and television world dominated like no other. The German Film is now poorer. We bow before the power of this great actress. We lose a friend.”

The author and Director Doris Dörrie is a tribute Elsner as “a great adventurer who has thrown himself with curiosity, dedication, and bravery in every role and in your life”.

The actress has starred in numerous television and feature films. The last movie with Elsner cherry blossoms & demons””. She received the German film award and additional awards.

Elsner was born on 26. July 1942, born in the Bavarian town of Burghausen, near the Austrian border; she grew up in the middle Neuötting, before the family moved to Munich.