Actor Sergey Smirnov died in the 38th year of life

the Voice of the main characters of the movie “50 shades of grey” and “spider-Man” actor of the Central academic theatre of the Russian Army Sergei Smirnov died Wednesday, March 25, after a long illness.

Sergei Smirnov in 2003 he graduated from the Higher theatre school im. M. S. Shchepkin. On the stage of the Central academic theatre of the Russian Army, he played more than 30 shows, including “School love”, “Eleanor and her men”, “the Barber of Seville”, “the Cabal of hypocrites” and many others, reminds TASS. Worked Sergey Smirnov and as a Director, putting on plays “Amazing adventures of Masha and Viti” and “Kidnapping”.

Also, the actor took part in the scoring, nearly 400 foreign movies. So, it is the voice of spider-Man from the eponymous Thriller, Christian grey in the melodrama “50 shades of grey”, the characters Richard Gere, Antonio Banderas, Brendan Fraser.