Actor Nikolai Gubenko was in the hospital with pneumonia after his wife

Deputy of the Moscow city Duma, the actor and screenwriter Nikolai Gubenko is in the hospital in Kommunarka with pneumonia, his test for coronavirus.

Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Evgeny Gerasimov said that Gubenko underwent a major surgery, the last time was in isolation, and therefore was not in the midst of people. According to him, the actor was hospitalized with pneumonia.

“his body is weakened, it may not belongs to the coronavirus, but it is there now, will determine, inspect it, of course,” — said Gerasimov.

the press service of the Moscow city Duma told RIA Novosti that Gubenko long ago was in the hospital and with other deputies had no contact. So other deputies of the Moscow Parliament to check on the coronavirus will not.

As we learned earlier, in Kommunarka is a spouse Gubenko – actress Zhanna Bolotova. He Gubenko said that his wife has pneumonia, and denied that she allegedly coronavirus.

Also in the hospital is the singer Lev Leshchenko. He confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. According to doctor, his condition is stable.