Vladimir Mishukov – known photographer and artist, whose acting career began to take shape not long ago. He frequently appears in the author’s projects, and it became indispensable, as well as in the TV series, made for television and online platforms. He has a rich filmography: “Daughter”, “Winter trek,” “Optimistic,” “Fish-a dream”, “A. J. I. L. P”, “Kept”, “pencil”, “Fairy”. We talked on the burning topic occupying the minds of many cinematographers and theatrical figures – after case, “the Seventh Studio” to build up their relationship with the Ministry of culture, to take government money for their projects or to do without them.

We spoke in front of the Meshchansky court on June 26, when the verdict was read against Kirill Serebrennikov and his colleagues.

– When your friends crucified, accused them absolutely absurd accusation, not to be not close. Energetically you try to participate in it. We do one thing, which is the meaning of our lives. I have long been connected with this process, and are here to support their friends, not only those in the courtroom. What’s going to happen, is not a question of time. Even if you say that the punishment is conditional, the injustice remains. There are a lot of cultural figures who interact with the Ministry of culture directly or indirectly. Today we need to resolve the relationship with the Agency, which in this context behaves like a mother who gave her child to the wolves.

the Ministry of culture is that? It’s the people around us and in the courtroom, that being hard-working and gifted from birth, create a culture. We – capital, and not the Ministry of culture. And it has to play by our rules. Otherwise it is not worth to communicate with this office.

– what is Happening right now you are considering as a alarm?

Is the signal that we have different ways. Between culture and the power of a well-defined border. You need to understand how to continue to exist. I believe that it is necessary to interact with the organization

– But business, probably, not only in the Ministry of culture? Involved and other players.

– Cowardice occurs at the level of this Department, and to expect meanness from higher authorities – it is self-evident. I don’t want to blame everything on culture. Maybe they are poor and miserable. But what happens? We oppose, and then the money we get from them? The Ministry of censorship and more of a Prosecutor than a cultural Agency. Culture is the free expression of the artist. The Creator does something, because otherwise can not. This is the engine of progress and development of the human species. All we’re talking about, we’re talking from the position advanced in the cultural consciousness of people. In Western society there is already a society where it sounded naive and ridiculous. There is a long course. And we say, but we do no one hears. Everyone thinks that oil and money is more important than what we do. We like madmen. Konstantin Raikin expressed this well in his speech. It turns out that we shouldn’t live his life? One hope that once existed rotten and rat middle Ages in which artists were neck-deep in slush gave way to the Renaissance, when the best of creators rushed to the light. If you’re gifted, you have to overcome. If the government is not able on your terms, contact, you have to ignore it and do what you think is right.

Almost all have involved in the films, which were allocated public money. Large projects without them, probably not to raise?

– Sometimes you get to the projects that are in the production stage suddenly resorted to the help of the state and appears the logo “supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation”. Every time I see her, already internally ready for what will be an understatement, the adjustment will be no free will. And very happy when there is this logo, so perhaps something interesting. All of his friends involved in the Arthouse, I urge you not to interact with the Ministry of culture. If you want to be as an artist, it is not necessary to go that way. Can you relate to what occurs on Internet platforms, but there already has some achievements: “Kept woman”, which in the West are interested, “Storm” Boris Khlebnikov. People are working without any support from the state. The Ministry of culture – the sort of area that needs to be by itself, it is like the fool in king. Why kings kept? Because they corrected the behavior and give the ruler a chance to be decent.

Now we need to call things by their proper names. There sits our friend due to the fact that the claim filed, and who filed it, we all know. You’re either honest and brave, or cowardly and despicable. The other is not given. Not behave treacherously. I know that among the officials – many good people, and they should be aware of what is happening. And those who will continue to interact with them, should understand this. Between us and the government is the Ministry of culture. By definition it should be a neutral zone. And she is not even neutral. Then it is necessary to remove from title the word “culture”. Behind all this are real people. If this territory is no resistance what can we say about those who are far from culture. Civilized people not brought the situation to such a state. ��neither would put it together and measure. What is happening indicates a lack of culture and talent at leading men.