In Venice, the film won two awards. The Volpi Cup for best actor was presented to the actor Luca Marinelli. And the award Arca Cinemagiovani Award for best Italian film version of the youth jury. Film audience at the Toronto film amused – talk on the sidelines was reduced to the fact that the movie was, to put it mildly, very unusual, and the audience will judge how it is managed. Try to understand why – just for example of the prizes of the film and start with the second – best Italian film.

the fact that the creation of the film Director Pietro Marcello and this has turned out – typically Italian, no matter how strange to see a friend from childhood on the book by American resident of Oakland in the realities of other countries: the action moved to Naples. For simplicity, apparently, the main character in the film – not Ruth, she was renamed Elena. The others kept their names, but the main fact to make a point. In the bright, noisy, temperamental and long-winded film is the idea of the novel, however, transferred, albeit with a significant skew in the direction of the life story. We see the desire of the talented Prodigy from the lower classes to break into high society, to be recognized by him. The author of the novel of Jack London and his hero Martin Eden in this respect much in common. In life it is sometimes quite amusing and sometimes tearing the soul of transformation – when the man all look down, suddenly turns up. In this case, because his works are recognized. He was paid homage.

Who will give his daughter to him, who is without family and tribe – it’s a blatant misalliance. And then, when this unknown will become fashionable and the famous – start of regret, like how we have overlooked! In the film, and particular emphasis on such a metamorphosis of man, the political component written in the novel, moved it into the background. But due to personal and love story – the picture will be clear to all now it is much faster. That is to say that the filmmakers chose, in this sense, the accelerated option. The technology is called “Quick search”. Add, search who – viewer. Moreover, the movie “Martin Eden” like setting up a special on the female audience.

And then move on to the second prize – for the best male role. Of course, that women will first appreciate the appearance of Luke Marinelli. But men, especially professionals in the world of cinema, will pay tribute to this actor. There are people are photogenic and those who are, as they say, the camera loves me not. There are those that are surprisingly cinematic. Luca Marinelli is. Whatever he was doing on the screen, the viewer is unable to tear my eyes off him. And then see what the filmmakers, led by Director, just revel in the appearance of Marinelli, which, as noted by the critics in Venice, incrediblysimilar to Vladimir Mayakovsky. But acting ability Marinelli also deserve to to get accustomed to them. Young Italian in the film, almost all the time in the frame and on the head of charisma is superior to all its partners and partners. And he manages a memorable way to play the man for whom all was necessary in a time when there was no need in it, and who completely lost the taste of life and what is happening when you have achieved all that and more. “It happens always not what is not there, not so,” says the well-known modern song of group “Accident”. “Everything will come true, you only no longer want,” – said Faina Ranevskaya. The transformation of the Marina of Eden one beggar guy with an open mind, which nobody cared in a restless and at the same time jaded frequenter of luncheons and banquets made by the authors in the painting is very rough and harsh, but Marinelli played perfectly. The culmination of the role – emotional pain that it broke (it occurred as the result of expulsion from homes and the hearts of his beloved), and this episode is able to make the viewer cry along with the main character.

the Film looks easy, he takes two hours pass unnoticed. Summer cinema Garage Screen, presenting himself to his “gourmet” strategy, is human. A warm summer evening is a movie with hot emotions and appealing main character will have the heart. But there is still such films as “the Woman who fled” Hong sang-soo (August 7) and “Days” Cai Minglana Asian hits the Berlinale this year. And also a classic movie of Jean Eustache’s “the Mother and the whore” – it will not show in the digital version and the film on August 8.

as for Luke Marinelli, who at one time have stood out as much – in the movie “the Great beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino and other tapes – this year we could see him in the hit streaming giant Netflix’s “Immortal guards”, which wrote, “RG”, and plenty of offers Yes, Yes, all the main roles.