Appointed acting head of the Khabarovsk Krai Duma Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev started his political career in the Pro-Putin movement “Walking together”, and on Okhotny Ryad remembered for several controversial initiatives.

Mikhail Degtyarev was born in 1981 in Kuybyshev (now Samara), where he also graduated from the Samara state aerospace University. Among the universities where he studied or trained, is still a Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, Ranepa and the Institute of world civilizations, the founder of which is the liberal democratic party (there, Mr. Degtyarev and defended the dissertation, becoming a candidate of legal Sciences).

in Political activities while still a Deputy of the state Duma started early in 2001 has headed the Samara branch of the created Pro-Putin youth movement “Walking together”, and in 2003 joined the “United Russia” became the Deputy of the Samara city Duma. But since 2006 the rate was made to the liberal democratic party, and in 2007 from the party Mikhail Degtyarev was elected in the regional Parliament.

In Federal Parliament, he was first elected in 2011 and immediately received by the party quota post of Deputy head of the Committee on science and high technologies. In the seventh convocation after the 2016 election, Mr. Degtyarev made another step up the career ladder, head of the Committee for physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs. Vladimir Zhirinovsky twice made him the candidate from LDPR on elections of the mayor of the capital (in 2013 and 2018). Mr. Degtyarev several years was a member of the Supreme Council of the liberal democratic party, and in this convocation elected member of the Presidium of the faction of the party in the state Duma.

If the liberal democratic party – the opposition party, Mr. Degtyarev it is one of the most systematic and non-opposition to the Kremlin members. His legislative baggage is quite large: the MP is sole author or co-author of 30 initiatives that are now before Parliament, 101 the initiative has already been sent to the archive, once adopted, rejected or withdrawn by the author. The lion’s share subscribed for almost 8 years in the state Duma of the bills introduced by Mr. Degtyarev – the ones that sell born or approved by the relevant departments of the ideas. In recent years, these were mostly suggestions for improvement of the system of organization of sport tourism in Russia. Another, also significant portion of the initiatives – the so-called party: these include, for example, the initiative to transfer a single voting day from September to April.

But among the bills introduced and advocated by Mr. Degtyarev, those that consistently attracted the attention of the press for its scandalous and radical – exactly for this purpose they seem to have been made.

he Began seven years ago with what is proposed to prohibit the trafficking and possession in Russia is USD. Soon caused a great noise sacontract was withdrawn by the author. Soon there were bills banning car alarms and organ donation for homosexuals… Among the high-profile legislative proposals, the acting head of the Khabarovsk Krai – the replacement of the Russian tricolor on the Imperial black-yellow-white flag, Russia’s refusal of the Gregorian calendar and return to Julian, abolished by the Bolsheviks in 2018. As well as the proposal to establish the burial places of those who fought on the territory of Russia of foreign soldiers signs with the text “Who to us with sword come, the Russian sword will perish” (at the expense of themselves, foreign countries), the transfer of Russia Day from June 12 to September 21 (the day of the battle of Kulikovo), etc., etc. One of the latest initiatives of this number, about “the restriction of the circulation of U.S. dollars in the sphere of physical culture and sports”, was rejected by the state Duma in early March, 2020.

the Declaration of Mr. Degtyarev for 2011-2018 (data on incomes and property for 2019 is not yet published) dull: neither a sharp rise nor a sharp decline in revenues. In 2018, in particular, he said cash receipts and $ 4.8 million, it’s actually one parliamentary salary (income wife – 2,3 mln.rubles). No real estate – no apartments, no homes, no land – at the Deputy and his wife as there was no and no. We have service apartment (of 169.7 sqm) in use at the time of parliamentary powers, the apartment is at 41.5 sq m in perpetuity it, and 80 sq. m – the wife and minor children. Children in the family Degtiarevich, by the way, four. The only vehicle registered to his wife: Mercedes – Benz GLS 350 D…