For his very first public outing since the sexual misconduct charges against him, Ezra Miller, star of the new film The Flash, attended the premiere of the blockbuster in Los Angeles on Monday.

Ezra Miller, 30, who identifies as non-binary, had not spoken since being charged with assault on a woman, burglary and bad influence on underage girls. Miller has been arrested multiple times since 2020.

Warner Bros., which produces The Flash, has long delayed the theatrical release of the film in which Ezra Miller plays the title role. The company had also asked him to undergo therapy and had excluded him from its promotional campaigns.

But Miller eventually appeared at the film’s premiere, without granting an interview. His only speaking was on stage, during the screening. “I am touched by your grace, by your discernment towards me and by your caring for me at this complicated time in my life,” Miller told his producers, thanking them for their support. , after also thanking the director of The Flash, Andy Muschietti.

Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne), accompanied by his wife Jennifer Lopez, and Sasha Calle (Supergirl) were also present at the preview.