The Test has attracted a lot of attention: Two Avec-shops in Zurich’s main station had opened in April on the weekend around the clock and came out without a cashier and seller. The goal of Avec-owner of Valora: to shop Faster for the customer, maximize profit for the company.

Now, the Migros draws. As the Newspapers of the “CH Media” reports on Tuesday, is to do the daughter-chain Migrolino in the future, also in part, without staff. Migrolino CEO Markus Laenzlinger, reveals the in-house magazine that plans for a so-called micro-shops: shops with only 50 to 80 square meters. For comparison: Today, the Migrolino stores 100 to 200 square meters large. In the visor, Laenzlinger has urban areas.

24 hours and 7 days a week?

during the day should be occupied in this new Migrolino Shops with employees that provide for replenishment. At night, however, you should get by without staff – and self-service stations.

The System is similar to that of the Avec Box: For access and purchase, the customer will need an App that identifies your age, and permission. So, it could be ensured that alcohol is not in the hands of Minors do.

Whether the shops will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, is still unclear. (nim)