Vladimir Putin thanked the Public chamber for active participation in discussions, elaboration of the text of the amendments, explanation of their essence and values in dialogue with people. The head of state noted the big work on formation of the corps of independent observers: it was organized quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with all requirements and restrictions caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus. “Our crucial task is to make the results of nationwide voting was absolutely credible, legitimate” – said Putin.

“There can’t be any compulsion, cheating turnout, not to mention the failures in the accounting of the votes cast, so that later nobody could doubt the position will expressed by the citizens,” he said. The President recalled that the amendments do not require a nationwide vote, but he decided that it is extremely important that people have expressed a direct attitude towards them. “Only they, only citizens have the right to decide what is to be our Main Law,” he justified.

the Head of state urged to conduct active monitoring of the voting process from the point of view of “clear, strict adherence to all procedures and rules, including issues of health security in areas”. “And most importantly, of course, is the guarantee of free expression in important fundamental issue for the present and the future of our country and every citizen,” he concluded.

Secretary of the CCRF Lydia Mikheyeva told that the composition of the working group on preparation of proposals for amendments included nine representatives of the Public chamber. Received more than 1.5 thousand emails, proposals – all were passed to the working group. The CCRF has sent its 18 amendments to the state Duma for the second reading, the majority of them, the lawmakers adopted. “If you keep in mind the social effect that can give the adoption the social part of the amendment, if you support us, we could at the end of the year to prepare and submit a special report on this issue”, – said the Secretary OP.

On the organization of public control, said the head of the expert Advisory group’s OP for control over electronic voting Alexander Malkevich. Situational centers operate in all regions, more than 200 volunteers in shifts taking calls at the call center and answer any questions. Public houses assigned to observe the voting process 450 thousand people. 18 parties sent their representatives – about 150 thousand people – and 260 thousand from the public unions is a more than 1,600 public organizations, said the speaker. “Such an interest from citizens to be public observers that the flow of applications is never ending and we decided to recommend to the 29th of June to accept applications,” said Malkevich. The��is that more than half a million people will eventually be to observe the elections, you get 5 to 7 observers at each site, 2-3 of them – directly in the room, the rest will follow over the course of the voting.

after Hearing the rapporteurs, Mr Putin once again stressed that the work should be organized at the highest level that the results were credible: “It is absolutely fundamental thing.”

the Meeting was not limited to discussion of voting on amendments to the Constitution. Putin asked OP to strengthen public control over the quality of the decisions made in the fight against the epidemic. This is the issue of support to citizens, families with children, small and medium businesses, NGOs, he listed. In an address to the citizens the President has proposed to increase the pit rate to 15 percent for salaries in excess of 5 million rubles per year, and to allocate funds for treatment of seriously ill children. “You’ll need to create absolutely transparent and clear to citizens the mechanism of distribution of such funds with the participation of people with impeccable reputation,” he said yesterday and offered OP to make suggestions.

Control will require the implementation of the plan to economic recovery. Vladimir Putin asked the Public chamber to connect to the adjustment and monitoring of the national projects: they must be understandable to citizens and to change lives for the better. “This is all their meaning, and hence their results should be judged not by impersonal reports, and based on the opinions of the people,” he explained. Putin has suggested to exploit the potential of regional public chambers for monitoring and assessing the quality of investment projects. “To be a member of the Public chamber is a high and honorable status,” he said. And you need to confirm the time.

Vladimir Putin has responded to requests from community members. So, Deputy Secretary OP Alexander Galushka has proposed to consider the formation of a joint working body of the Cabinet of Ministers on the practical implementation of the proposals of the chamber. He recalled that the President spoke about neodobrenie as the highest national priority of development of Russia. According to him, the potential of the Public chamber allows on a regular basis to prepare an appropriate public report on neodobrenie.

Putin has supported the idea of preparing such reports. In addition, the President promised to study the issue of creating a unified register of public organizations. Director of ANO “Center for missing persons” Grigory Sergeyev said that every year tens of thousands of people go missing, while they have is a mobile phone. If the summer is often the rescuers have to find them in the winter, the percentage saved is below. In response, the President promised to study the question of finding a missing person via the geolocation of his mobile t��of lefon.

Talking about the history of the world. Western politicians know who started the Great Patriotic war, and “who finished off the fascist vermin in her den, who stormed Berlin”, but in textbooks and the media promote more, he said. “Consistently, step by step wash that don’t like”, he said. Because Western countries never learn and “there is no desire to build a system of international security in the interests of the entire world,” Putin said. You need to seek the truth about the Second world war to build a policy to ensure the interests of Russia and that nobody dared to Sully the memory of our heroes, he concluded.