In the present time of the novel Coronavirus is rampant, many people try to protect themselves against infection by strengthening your immune system extremely.

in addition to regular in-depth hands the means of washing, especially: The body with as many Superfoods and plenty of Vitamin C supply.

as a result, the immune system is to get a decent thrust for viruses and bacteria to be blocked even more effectively.

health balance

But what sounds so logical, is actually not a fundamentally good idea.

Because instead of the body only in certain short periods of time with all sorts of vitamins to recharge, it should be health a priority every day and in a healthy Balance to be kept.

This is the body’s defenses, consisting of a complex construct made up of cells and molecules, goes on every single day, to fight infections and diseases without you knowing really anything about it.

Many factors to health

“immunity of a System is to carry. To work well, it needs balance, not a one-time Boost,” says the Immunologist and lecturer at the University of Sussex, Dr. Jenna Macciochi, in front of the Portal, ‘POPSUGAR’.

To this balance in the body, according to the expert, several factors are necessary:

  • a healthy, balanced diet
  • basic Hygiene
  • regular physical activity
  • adequate sleep
  • stress management

“When we try to make the most of the time, to take account of these factors, the chances are that our immune system does what it does best – keep us healthy.”

The body’s own defenses to support

while There is no miracle formula that can be used to give the immune system over night reliable a “Boost”, but the ability to support the body’s own defenses in their work optimally.

“There are, of course, serious infections, against which, you will also have a healthy Lebennsstil invulnerable”, the expert concludes.

“However, there are many small things you can do every day to support the immune system.”

Important note: The information in this article is General advice only contain. For the diagnosis of a health problem we recommend visiting by trained and recognised Physicians.

Cornelia Bertram

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