the constant taunts, they can better withstand! Duchess Meghan (38) has to fight for her wedding with Prince Harry (34) not only with the constant Negative headlines and the hard Royal Protocol. Especially your own family in the U.S. to create American again and again. Whether your own father shares a personal letter with the media, her brother is arrested, or your sister, you insulted again and again to the public – Duchess Meghan a straight face contorts in Public.

Behind closed doors, should you of a lot of hustle and bustle but still hard. Luckily, Meghan has a strong shoulder for you to cry on. Because, as one Insider says now to “the Mirror” should have taken care of many of the strife in the Markle family for their relationship to Queen Elizabeth II (93) is the stronger. “The Queen loves Meghan and she believes that she is dealing with the Situation very gracefully,” says the anonymous source of the newspaper.

“Charles is a father figure for you”

But not only that: “The whole Royal family has a lot of compassion with Meghan.” Particularly Prince Charles (70) closed with his daughter-in-law into the heart, as another Insider revealed: “she speaks with him about their family circumstances. He became a proper father figure.”

And even if the Markles emphasize again and again that they would like to make peace with Meghan. For the Duchess was not an Option: “The Chance that it is compatible with their relationship again, is at zero percent.” Ouch! (klm)