in Spite of the question marks, had Anderlecht’s degree. In the report of the licensing committee will not be said about the link between Coucke and KV Oostende, or the many debt. It is just that Anderlecht will “strictly adhere to the planned budget, it should do so.

The commission has looked at the role of Wouter Vandenhaute. The external advisor has the makelaarsbureau Lets Play , and will be paid for by the Couckes company, Alychlo, but that the commission would have no hesitation in. “There is no agreement between Anderlecht and Wouter Vandenhaute”, you hear the sound of it. “Mr. Vandenhaute, provides external, non-binding opinions at the request of the chief executive officer and the president. He has no say in the transfers, whether in the field of management. Wouter Vandenhaute does not have significant impact on Neighbourhoods.”

However, advanced Vandenhaute, in his presentation: “I am the chief executive officer and the board of directors, which takes all the strategic decisions – assist. With my expertise, I would like to help by Anderlecht, a club that are winning in the culture.” The Clubs, the licensing of the RSCA to attack, it will use this element.

for More about RSC Anderlecht and the Promises of Club Brugge and the champion (though, Anderlecht, at the head of the rose) – KV Oostende is to open to attack Coucke, once it is not a license to get Anderlecht to get in spite of the attacks on the license to still be a green light for first graders to try out new methods to make the coronasleur to break it