After the air attack of Iran on US positions in Iraq, has cancelled the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Tehran and Erbil. The daily flight in and out of the Iranian capital, was taken on Wednesday from the flight plan.

On demand, spokesman Michael Lamberty said: “Due to the current situation uses the Lufthansa Group, including Euro wings, the Iraqi and Iranian air space until Further notice, no more.” The yesterday’s flight to Tehran, and also the for the 11. February scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Erbil, had been deleted.

Yesterday afternoon, Lufthansa said, however, that you’ll be flying as of today directly back to Tehran. Michael Lamberty added today: “After today’s flight is too late to Tehran for about four hours, is now our planning for the next time: Due to the current situation Lufthansa adjusts its operation from Tehran. From Friday on the daily flight LH 600 from Frankfurt to Baku (Azerbaijan) between lands, where a crew change. The return flight directly to Frankfurt. Due to this operational Change to the Start of the Airbus A340 from 13.30 shifts at 15.05 hrs (CET), the landing in Tehran from 21.30 to 0.45 (local time).

The Change is still subject to the legal approval and applies for the next two weeks.

By the still valid Umfliegung of the Iraqi and Iranian air space at Lufthansa arises only in the case of India-flights, a slight delay of a few minutes.“