One has no time after 1:1 against Ireland. Wordlessly Nati rushing striker Haris Seferovic (27) pre-waiting to the journalists. Minutes later, coach Vladimir Petkovic reveals at the press conference, the reason for Seferovics rapid departure. “Haris flies home, as he will in the next few hours father. Appointment was actually last Monday, we all hope that he comes in time. A big thank you that he was still here.” VIEW reached Seferovic shortly before the departure for Lisbon at the airport in Dublin.

I had to really stress out. We need to start before midnight.

I was totally focused on the game. Nervous I’m only here now at the airport. I am aware that our child can come at any time.

no, really not. Also, since I was totally calm and focused.

you have made it extremely difficult and with many players compact rear. We would each have to come over the sides to the front, but this was not easy.

I would be immediately flown home. Under no circumstances do I want to miss the birth of our child. No man wants to miss the birth of his child! I want to help my wife and support as well. You don’t want to be in this Moment alone!

I have a little bit of Mario (Gavranovic; d. ed.) talked and asked him how this is so in the first few months, and so on. But everyone must make his own experiences. I will only know what will happen to me, if it will be as far as. I have to go now.

Thank you! The flight to Portugal would certainly have been more enjoyable with three points in his Luggage. But it didn’t want to be. But I am sure that we will get the necessary points.

The European football championship 2020 will be quite different: for the First time, the EM of more than two Nations will be played. 24 Teams compete in 13 venues for the coveted championship title. Semi-finals and Final will take place in London’s Wembley stadium.