On Tuesday at 10.30 a.m. a driving sideswiped car in Roveredo GR on the A13 motorway exit at the right edge of the stone, according to the graubünden cantonal police. This makes the the opposite lane. There, it collided side-to-side head-on with a car coming from the opposite direction. The 65-year-old driver of the in the direction North-driving cars was injured in the process, pinched, and hard. The 52-year-old driver of the in the direction of the South-driving cars was slightly injured. The severely injured person was transported by helicopter to the hospital in Lugano and the slightly injured by ambulance to the hospital in Bellinzona.

Working on the accident

place of work During the recovery and recording of facts was redirected to the traffic on the cantonal road. The A13 remained during four hours locked. 18 people of the street bailouts Alta Mesolcina and Bassa Mesolcina resulted in the recovery of the injured and the backup work on the scene of the accident. Further, in use, the Rega were patrolling, a Team of the Ambulanza Bassa Mesolcina and several Police. Together with the Prosecutor’s office of Graubünden, the cantonal police of Grisons, the exact course of a road accident. (spr)