In Blaustein in the Alb-Donau district, a passing train collided with a bus at a level crossing. There are said to be at least three injured – the bus driver and train driver were seriously injured. There were several minor injuries on the train.

A train collided with a bus at Blaustein near Ulm. The bus driver was thrown from the vehicle and, like the train driver, was seriously injured in the accident. There were two seriously injured and several slightly injured on the train, a police spokeswoman said. There were no passengers on the bus when the collision occurred.

The bus burst into flames after the collision and burned out completely. The train derailed after the collision and came to a stop 100 meters away. 74 passengers are said to have been in it. The accident occurred in the Blaustein district of Arnegg near the B28.

There had previously been a motorcycle accident near the level crossing. Police and helicopters were on site. The traffic then backed up, so that he had to stop the bus at a level crossing in the Arnegg district in the morning when the barriers were lowered, it was said. The approaching regional train was no longer able to brake in time and collided with the bus. The route is currently closed. The police were initially unable to provide any further information.

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