The young Briton Harry Dunn (†19) came in a road accident in Northamptonshire lost their lives because of the accident causer Anne Sacoolas (42) drove on the wrong side. However, she enjoys diplomatic immunity – she is the wife of the U.S. secret service employee John Sacoolas.

The parents of the Slain, Charlotte, Charles and Tim Dunn, are severely affected. Not only that, you have lost your son, but, above all, that the case may not be resolved for you. You and the British government insist on the lifting of immunity, but Trump denied the cooperation, such as the “Daily Mail” reported.

“The accident has destroyed our family,”

On Wednesday met the parents of the Killed with the British foreign Minister, Dominic Raab. He and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Donald Trump, the immunity of Anne Sacoolas repeal. Trump denied, however, and said: “there are other sides of the Avenue. The can happen. This happened to me there, too. I understand the displeasure of the parents, but Anne enjoys diplomatic immunity.”

From an Interview with the “CNN” asked the mother of the late Charlotte Charles, Anne “come from human reasons” back to the UK to face the allegations. “You destroyed our family. We need to start a new life,” she said in tears.

“It feels like a PR-action”

The parents of the deceased feel left in the lurch. “I am outraged by our government. The Meeting with Dominic Raab has brought nothing – it felt like a PR action,” said Charlotte Charles.

you don’t understand why Sacoolas flea in the home. “What kind of a role model for your child? She had six weeks time – an apology is not enough. I want to talk to you face to face!”

parents would you committed in the USA charges

The parents now have the lawyers Mark Stephens and Geoffrey Robertson. Stephens gives the parents hope. To the BBC he says: “The immunity only applies abroad. If Mr and Mrs Sacoolas are back in the United States, is hereby repealed. The Dunn family could then go to the USA and charges.”

enjoy Currently, about 23’000 people in the UK have diplomatic immunity. 2017 26 offences were committed five of them on the Road.