the Spread of a new type of coronavirus in the world happened on several scenarios. The situation in China is different from Italian, but there is a third scenario – the Russian. This should be considered when removal associated with the pandemic of restrictive measures. This opinion was expressed by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a virologist Felix Ershov.

the Expert noted that we should not forget about the size of Russia and its multinational composition.

“different customs, Different population density and different level of medicine. When in Moscow, the incidence at the peak, in Siberia, in the far East isolated cases of deaths,” the expert said in an interview with NSN, adding that because of this, the population in remote regions, there is no sense of danger.

According to the academician, to remove the restrictions must be first in Moscow, and after regions will be able to benefit from the experience of the Russian capital.

“In all respects Moscow should be an example of suppression of coronavirus infection”, — said the expert.

He also noted that to keep people in the isolation becomes more difficult.

Earlier media reported that at the meeting of the working group of the state Council on the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus was discussed the introduction of mask mode throughout Russia.

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