Academician male: I would like to think that we will be more prepared to infections

Viktor! Let me remind you that when the new virus is only said of himself, we have become participants of the TV program “Let them talk”, which, in fact, was first said about him. While we were waiting it began, met a young man who has come to pass… with a suitcase. Turns out he was flying via Moscow to St. Petersburg – was returning from Wuhan, where he was on a business trip. He was in the hall among the many participants in the program. Communicated. Spoke with him. Masks, no one was. There was no panic…

Victor Maleev: do Not be shy! From the look of the infection is not transmitted. Fear and panic begets ignorance. But without quarantine coronavirus can catch everything.

Quarantine there. Been declared a pandemic. But until when will these things be?

Victor Maleev: SARS, which was from January 2002 to August 2003, had suddenly disappeared. And since then, the world can not find a trace of him. It is not excluded that the same fate awaits modern coronavirus. But there are other predictions: the virus will remain with us for many years.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti Russia gave the test system for the detection of coronavirus 13 countries

nobody wants.

Victor Maleev: Let’s hope for a more optimistic scenario. In any case, this pandemic has taught us a lot. First of all, she reminded everyone: you should never forget that the world has always been and will continue to exist infection. They are an integral part of nature. They arise and exist on their own laws. But, as a rule, it always happens suddenly and catches humanity off guard. It happened and now haveAC. Really want to think what it will be different: attention to infection will increase, and we’ll be more prepared.

this time China was ready for them? We, Russia, are ready?

Victor Maleev: unfortunately, all the countries were ready not fully. But much depended on the ability to mobilize rapidly. Most of all, it has managed to China. And to a certain extent us. In Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union managed to maintain a centralized epidemiological service. She took the brunt against coronavirus infection. This service, led by Anna Yurievna Popova, was able in a short period to solve the problem of the development of modern diagnostic methods, organization of surveillance, mobilization of all health and social services.

Maybe after the pandemic we will become to think more about your health? Let’s at least observe basic hygiene rules? Learn how to wash your hands?

Victor Maleev: Your irony is not appropriate. It’s really very, very important. Trust an experienced infectious disease doctor. The lessons of the pandemic will contribute to a greater attention to the infectious service, improve the safety of our citizens from infectious diseases. And one more thing must be said. Now everyone is waiting for a vaccine against coronavirus. It will appear. But it’s important to have a normal, civilized attitude towards vaccination. Remember how we persistently call to get vaccinated against the flu, measles, whooping cough. We specialists call. Look in the same Internet. Yes, and how many programs on TV, when we are asking people not refused the shots. And our response is stubborn resistance from opponents of vaccination.

Photo: the Newspaper After the recession of coronavirus in China reopens attractions

You hope that now they will not?

Victor Maleev: the Hope dies last. But I’d like to believe that coronavirus infection many teach.

What does she teach us? How we will live after her?

Victor Maleev: We see that the infection is dangerous for the elderly, the elderly. I hope that now we care more about our parents, grandfathers, grandmothers. Maybe you will finally become more active in the development of new vaccines and antiviral drugs. After all this nonsense, when a vaccine against infection promise to develop in two or three years when the infection is gone. It happened with a previous infection – SARS.

And those medical boxes will be such amount which is required, or the shortage will continue? Apparatus for artificial ventilation of the lungs will cease to be the deficit?

Victor Maleev: Almost convinced that at least remain the boxes that equipment, which are now taken to combat coronavirus infection.

Now invested considerable funds in equipping hospitals and purchase of expensive equipment. But there are many instances when both idle and in disrepair because there are no experts. And a clear deficit of infectious diseases. I once met with students of medical universities. To the question of what specialty they chose the answers of the same type: gynecology, urology, cosmetology, surgery, dentistry. No one ever said he wants to be an infectious disease. If my memory serves me, you, Victor, during the war, came to Uzbekistan to Andijan, where the infection was through the roof. Thus began the infectious disease specialist?

Victor Maleev: Yes, you can say, in that sense I was very lucky. I had seen so many diverse infections. And when he entered the medical school, to the surprise of his peers, knew that I would only infectious diseases. About his choice never regretted. I hope that now, after the pandemic, the youth will draw attention to the importance and charm of this specialty.

the Charm?

Victor Maleev: Exactly. Don’t know more favorable infection than cholera. When one liquid is injected intravenously in a short time to save the patient… Even without antibiotics and hormones.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti Tomsk physicians have debunked the myth of citric vaccine coronavirus

And this same liquid you, Victor, came up with during an epidemic of cholera and other acute intestinal infections. Looks like you and the infection you have. Here we are now almost ordered to stay at home. And you never afraid of becoming infected? You still are always there where there pass treatment patients with especially dangerous infections. You have a secret? Then share!

Victor Maleev: is no Secret. Have trained for many years commitment to the observance of the rules of Biosafety: the use of protective clothing, careful monitoring of its effectiveness. Strict observance of the special protection measures. And the need for disinfection. As well as timely vaccination against especially dangerous infections.

Current isolation, sitting at home not the best way affect our health. Spring is coming. Comes vacation time. Here is the same loved by many Karlovy vary will be sent in mid-may?

Victor Maleev: To unfortunately, most likely this trip will have to wait. But we hope that tourism will become more secure. The countries – organizers of tourism, and vacationers will be attentive to respect the same basic rules of hygiene and prevention of infections.

P. S. the Current pandemic, frequently referred to as a war without gunfire. And in this war we defend doctors. They are the first to come to the rescue. They are the main beats of the infection. At any time of the day or night, in any conditions. We take it for granted that physicians are required, they should. But maybe a pandemic will remind that we owe the doctors to remember. Physicians should receive for their work is not conditional, and a decent salary. They’re our biggest advocates. And not only in this war coronavirus.