to get Vaccinated against novel coronavirus infection in two years, immunity after vaccination will be maintained during this period, – the head nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, academician Alexander Ginzburg.

“Yet this term is defined by the experience with the vaccine against Ebola virus, where we had opportunities for two years to see vaccinated, within the same orders of the government, which at the time we got to work in the Republic of Guinea, – the scientist explained in an interview with RT. And there for two years in two thousands of patients we could observe the effect of this vaccine. Indeed, protective protective antibodies, the antibody titers persisted for two years.”

the Scientist said that because the technological platform that was used to create vaccines against Ebola virus and COVID-19, are actually one and the same, the authors assume that the duration of both vaccines will be about the same. “In the booster option, where we use the validity of the immune response also will be at least two years”, – said the academician.

however, he said that scientists will continue to monitor the level of protective immunity in vaccinated persons and to inform the public about the results.