“the Principles of the welfare state is particularly evident when choosing a strategy with COVID-19. At the forefront were economic, geopolitical or any other, of course, important for each country, indicators of achievement, namely, People. “Life, health, safety of people is our main absolute value” – so defined the main priority in these difficult times President Vladimir Putin”, – said the academician Grandfathers.

the Academician said the main factors due to which Russia relatively easily passes through the epidemic. “First, the medical community, volunteers, people of different military and civilian professions, voluntarily risking their lives, going and coming to work at the area infected with a deadly virus. Second, were taken emergency measures to a profound transformation of the national healthcare system, and it is possible to prevent the explosive spread of COVID-19 in the country and by early summer, to reach the “plateau” of disease. To do this in medical institutions have taken an unprecedented anti-epidemic measures, conducted retraining of medical staff, and some of them were created special infections units, which, literally, became, “good” fight against the coronavirus,” said Ivan Dedov.

One of the Centers COVID-19 in accordance with the order of Ministry of health of Russia was opened on the basis of SMRC endocrinology. “Us, “not classical infectious diseases”, was very difficult. Especially given the fact that in addition to working in the “red zone” quickly deployed infectious case, we continued to work on other vital for the medical community directions, – said Ivan Dedov. In a matter of days, we have expanded the list of remote health services; developed and brought recommendations to the management of endocrine patients in a pandemic and their specific routing specialist clinics; consulted specialists endocrinology service of Russia in the regions in the format of “doctor-doctor” . In addition, the best specialists of the Center conducted online tricks “endocrine” patients in the format of “doctor-patient. Extensive analytical work of our academicians, professors, doctors of medical Sciences made it possible to find a saving formula, relieves symptoms COVID-19. 100 percent we admitted patients were in moderate or serious condition. However, even in the most complex cases, our doctors have learned within one hour to recognize the insidious symptoms COVID-19 and prescribe treatment prevents the “cytokine storm”, and that is especially important for our patients with endocrinopathy, – to prevent the progression of chronic diseases. At the heart of this success lies a great collective work of all medical��about community: the experience of our foreign colleagues, faced with a new viral infection before, and also a permanent tight communication with colleagues from other medical research centers of Moscow. I am proud of my colleagues! This surextremely the situation showed that our contemporaries have preserved the historically moral gene pool”.

Academician Dedov also stressed the importance of amending the Constitution of Russia. “I think that Russian citizens consider will support the amendments to the Constitution of Russia, focused solely on multi-faceted development of the country, the security of our present and future.”