The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) wants to expand its activities to the processing of sexual violence. A Central point of contact, as well as new studies for the reprocessing of abuse, are provided in the EDK announced in Würzburg.

According to information from the Evangelical Church are provided for the implementation of a corresponding 11-point Plan for the coming year, about a Million euros. The EKD had formed in the run-up to the Synod a five-member Council. Spokesperson for the Board is the Bishop of the Northern Church, Kirsten Fehrs. The Evangelical Church system, and specific risk factors, she said.

The Baden regional Bishop Jochen Cornelius-Bundschuh, who also sits in the Council, stressed that an independent, nationwide point of contact for victims of abuse, could help Affected, who did not wanted to report where it came to the Assault. The SWR, the Bishop said, the place should complement the existing services of the individual national churches.

people entrusted to the institutions of the Diakonie their children and relatives, would have to trust to be able to win back, said diakonia-President Ulrich Lily and called for a separate study for the charity: “The Situation of young people in a social and educational child care facility is very different than the Power for example in the confirmation classes, and dependency factors.”

All of the 20 churches

John Wilhelm to participate Rörig, the abuse Commissioner of the German government, said it was extremely important that each of the 20 regional churches quickly in the workup going. It should not only a few country churches to take on a pioneering role. As the Catholic Church, the Protestant had to meet with the Federal government, and possibly also with the countries to binding agreements on criteria and Standards of the workup. These might include how victims involved in the future in the case of particular working processes such as inspection of files or the compensation to be regulated.

The Rörig, based Betroffenenrat an implementation of the EKD report said, points warned. It is a “necessary liability is lacking currently”. This needs to be quickly and clearly made up, and a mandate of the Beauftragtenrats be protected. He also called for a nationwide campaign, about the clearly to be that the Evangelical Church “actively approach stakeholders”.