Because there is always only according to the strength and weaknesses questions eventually get boring, think of HR more and more unusual questions. Time you are to Think, time they require from applicants head, other Times you get him to Smile, and again, another Time, you worry about wrinkles for forehead.

but these are sometimes slightly absurd questions to a strategy. Because during the interview, future employers want to filter out, as the applicant ticks. You want to know whether the Person is flexible, spontaneous, stress-resistant, intelligent and also humorous. The nine following unusual questions must have caused the applicant, certainly for big eyes.

“Why do you wear a black tie? Is someone died?” – application for a telecommunications provider “there Are two dogs with the same number of hair on your back?” – application for a real estate Agency “How many ping pong balls fit in a Boeing 707?” – application for a company that specializes in medicinal herbs and teas “How do you get a Giraffe into a refrigerator?” – to get a job in a Bank “How would you solve problems if you come from Mars?” – application for a online retailer “If you are so great, why don’t you stay in your company?” – to get a job in a chemical company “do you Drink beer?” – to get a job in a cleaning service “What do you find more sympathetic? A circle or a triangle?” – to get a job in a food chain How to react?

you Will face during a job interview once with a such whimsical questions, then it means keep calm. Although many guides circulating for a Job Interview on the Internet, on a question of this kind, is well prepared rare. By go pre in mind the following points:

What questions could arise in relation to the point on me?I have gaps in the CV?What Hobbies do I have?Was decorates the motivation to write something strong?What can I attach to my Strengths?To my what weaknesses?What do I do with my hands, Gestures and facial Expressions?

that is quite unusual questions, you can prepare for but never. And at the end is: Take it with Humor! Because you, too, is only human and has a secure understanding.

dear Community, are you even an absurd question at the interview that you want to share with our readers? Then send us your craziest questions in the comment column or by Mail to