Former head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency Nikolay Durmanov has said that the newly invented vaccine against Covid-19 is absolutely safe in terms of observing anti-doping regulations.

The medical expert stressed that the dosage used for vaccination is “miserable” and doesn’t contain any prohibited substances.

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This vaccine, as with many other vaccines, doesn’t contain any prohibited medication. There is not any potential risk for athletes,” Durmanov said.

Neither the vaccine’s metabolites, nor the antibodies which it forms and immune cells it activates, have any connection with doping,” he added.

At the beginning of August, Russia registered the world’s first vaccine against Covid-19, assuring that it can protect against the killer virus for two years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his own daughter was among the volunteers to receive the jab.

One week later, the ‘Vector’ virology center in Novosibirsk announced that an entirely different Covid-19 solution is entering the second stage of clinical trials.

The new vaccines could be available to the general public from January 2021.