29. March 2020: run-off elections in Bavaria

After the local election in Bavaria will find in many cities and municipalities in the 29. March run-off elections. This is always necessary when no candidate received in the first ballot, over 50 percent of the vote.

The run-off elections are held, however, due to the Coronavirus-crisis only by postal ballot, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU), announced directly after the first ballot.

How do I get the postal ballot documents?

In the municipalities, in which there are run-off elections, the electorate sent the documents without the need to make a request. And the letters are thinner than the first Time: It is only the choice between the two best remains placed in the district, the mayor or mayor elections.

when do I have to send the postal ballot documents at the latest?

to Ensure that the completed postal ballot documents will arrive on time, the voters themselves are responsible. The election must be submitted to the respective election Sunday, 18 o’clock, documents. For the documents until Saturday at 18.00 should be placed in a letter in the free state. All 19.559 letter boxes will be emptied on Saturday evening and the letters to Sunday evening to the respective election offices in the Wake of the Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) has announced the inside.

How, exactly, will be elected by a letter?

step one: On the ballot with a cross, as in the voting booth, too. The ballot in the provided envelope. Step two: The so-called ballot with the date and sign it. Step three: The sealed envelope with the ballot together with the signed polling card into the second envelope and to the city/municipality will send. If it is just before the weekend, it is not recommended to send the letters by Post, but to throw in the designated city hall mailboxes. You may by the way – in spite of the due to the Corona-crisis current output restriction – the own apartment, in any case, leave. “Everyone is allowed to bring his letter to the Post office or to the municipality, which generally provides that clear explicitly,” explains Herrmann. To 18.00 p.m. you can deliver the letters.

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