Abramchenko: We should know everything about each batch of wood

As stressed by Victoria Abramchenko, the forest industry needs new guidelines. First, comprehensive coverage of all issues – from forest management to wood processing and its further implementation, development of related industries. In the near future the government will have to formulate a new Strategy of forest complex, which is in contrast to existing, focused mainly on deep processing of wood, should cover all processes of the industry.

second, increase transparency of all processes. This will modify the system Lesigues, including connect to it the Federal tax service and customs officers.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG Dmitry Kobylkin: we Need to shed light on the implementation of wood

– We need to track the origin of specific forest party what it’s for wood – round timber, sawn timber, particleboard, who has the right to sell the wood which transactions are concluded. Lesigues should become legally binding instrument, which will be transactions with the confirmation of the legal origin of the wood, – said Deputy Prime Minister. – In addition, the system should be map-based. Today, this document, rather account, where it is fixed voluntary information coming from the regions.

Victoria Abramchenko also noted that in near future we will establish several important legislative initiatives. First of all, the introduction of the broad practice of wood selling at auction through a commodity exchange. In the Irkutsk region and other regions in the experiment through the St. Petersburg commodity exchange for several years sold the timber harvested by forestry enterprises during sanitary felling. Now it is about making the most of the timber harvested in the country, was implemented in such way. As the exchange mechanisms were transferred to the transaction with oil.

in addition, it is planned to revise the responsibilities of forest users and to make appropriate amendments to the legislation.

where the tenants are responsible in their areas, are engaged in a full-fledged reforestation, nurseries contain their own, smaller fires and higher yield

– experience has shown that in those subjects where the tenants are responsible in their areas, fewer fires and higher yield. These tenants are engaged in a full-fledged reforestation, nurseries contain their own, – explained the Deputy Prime Minister.

These measures will certainly require updating forest inventory data. As it was mentioned at the meeting today, the authorities, in fact, I don’t know how much of the forest in the country, they focus on statistics that can seriously diverge from the real situation. Even the example of the Irkutsk region, where, according to official data, forests cover 92% of its area and from year to year mastered less than half the annual allowable cut, a simple glance from a helicopter casts doubt on these figures.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/RIA Novosti Forest industry was on the verge of crisis because of the warm winter

At the same time, the forest users have noted that often on their rented plots timber reserves in fact exceed the volume specified in the forest management documents. Even staying within the borders of their plots of land, the entrepreneur runs the risk to cut too much and to be a violator.

however, the pace and quality of forest inventory held in the regions, there is a lot of questions. Therefore we developed a bill that proposes the entire amount of the relevant events translate to the Federal levelb. This will allow to systematize work, to increase the volume and ultimately reduce the level of crime in the forests.

Victoria Abramchenko said that the new forest policy should not remain exclusively in the sphere of the Ministry of environment. It requires an integrated interdisciplinary approach with the participation of industry and trade, construction Ministry, the Federal forestry Agency, the Federal registration service, Supervisory and control agencies, and of course, the regions must not remain on the sidelines.

Deputy Prime Minister two days was traveling in the Irkutsk region, and the second day was devoted to forest issues. Before meeting Victoria Abramchenko with the head of the Ministry Dmitry Kobylkin helicopter circled next to the Irkutsk forest plots of land, see for yourself the scale of deforestation in the region, including illegal.

Victoria Abramchenko sure that the new forest policy should not remain exclusively in the sphere of the Ministry of environment. Photo: Press-service of the Governor of the Irkutsk region