the decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting on June 18.

In particular, among the 75 regions will be distributed to 27.2 billion rubles of transfers to the reimbursement of part of expenses on interest on investment credit in agriculture. Another 4.5 billion rubles will be spent on subsidies to agricultural producers and leasing companies.

According to Vice-Premier, the first support measure is particularly relevant in a period of declining economic activity due to the spread of coronavirus infection – the state allows in part to compensate for falling revenues. “The proposed measures will reduce the credit burden on farmers, increasing the profitability of production of agricultural products, the objectives of the state program of agriculture development and implementation of food security Doctrine,” – said Victoria Abramchenko.

Tools to support manufacturers of machinery and equipment and leasing organizations will provide support for growth of production and sales of products and will contribute to technical re-equipment of the agricultural sector, says Victoria Abramchenko.

Of the 4.5 billion roubles to 2 billion roubles will be allocated for subsidies to agricultural producers, which will this year further realize 3,6 thousand units. Another 1.5 billion roubles will be spent on subsidies to grant rebates to manufacturers of machinery or equipment (program 1432), whereby farmers will be able to purchase more than 9 thousand units. And 1 billion intended to subsidize the preferential leasing of machinery and equipment.