Above Ground rose

the Satellite of the Earth, making its circuit around the blue planet, according to the laws of astronomy closer to the point of perigee relative to the Earth.

At this point, namely, the 8th of April, the Moon will be closer in its elliptical orbit at a closest distance to our planet: 357 thousand kilometers.

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images the Muscovites will see the supermoon

the Earth is exactly between the Moon and the Sun, and the Terrans will see the right satellite is fully illuminated, reports ScienceAlert. The moon will appear the largest and brightest of all full moons 2020. This phenomenon scientists call a supermoon.

the image of the moon is always present in literature and poetry, and this time it is called “pink” not the color, but because at this time in America and Canada blooms Phlox of subulata (pink moss).

“Pink” the supermoon will be visible in the night sky over Australia in the evening, and in the UK early in the morning. In Russia, a beautiful sight can be observed in the evening of Tuesday 7 April.

the Next full moon in 2020 expected to be 7 may, 5 June, 5 July, 3 August, 2 September, 2 October, 31 October, 30 November and 30 December.