Friend Tatyana Uspenskaya told about the nightmare that reigned in the family of the playwright Eduard Nikolayevich Uspensky. As it turned out, Cheburashka’s Creator gave only my own daughter in a sect where beatings, humiliation, violence was methods of education for children of wealthy parents.

Recall that the daughter of Eduard Uspensky issued an open letter in which he said: the violence was for the writer the system of relations in the family, Eduard Uspensky had problems with alcohol, he “was in the sect Stolbun”. Tatiana asked the Russian State children’s library not to name the father of the literary award.

Children’s writer Valentine Postnikov told “MK”, what terrible secret was kept, the daughter of Eduard Uspensky many years. Stay in the sect, domestic battery and binges famous father: the stake of Tatiana Uspenskaya fell all the nightmares that you can imagine the worst children’s sleep.

“Tanya almost the same age, friends since childhood. Our fathers (Edward Uspensky and Yuri Postnikov – writers) were good buddies all started with a Valentine. – I know all about her childhood, so today she and I are strongly opposed to in honor of the assumption called the new prize in children’s literature “Great fairy tale”. This is unacceptable, so I decided to tell how my memories and Taani was Edward actually survived and that my friend in my childhood, when dad handed it over to the sect Stolbun”.

According to Postnikov, in childhood Tatiana admitted him to systematic beatings from his father. Eduard Uspensky was for many years an alcoholic, in a state of intoxication known playwright turned into a beast.

she was always quiet and peaceful girl, very delicate and vulnerable. But her father was enraged by every little thing that could make Tanya continues Postnikov. – More adult I have repeatedly consulted with psychiatrists regarding health assumption: many assumed that it could be a split personality. He is one second from a normal person turned into a monster, screaming, shouting. In the son of Eleonora Filina (the third wife of the assumption) threw a bottle of wine. And Tanya once kicked out on the street in twenty degrees of frost, something assumption did not like in her behavior and words. She ran to the neighbors, barely escaped.

About the sect Stolbun you know?

assumption more than 20 years there was (early 80s). This Victor Stolbun a strange man, he was involved in the alleged science. The main line of its activity was the treatment of alcoholics. Then, apparently, it was not enough and he decided to organize his “school”, in fact, normal sect.

– As the assumption with Tolboom met?

�� Through mutual friends, Eduardo, someone advised him, he could not stop drinking. The assumption came to a complete delight when you meet Tolboom. Tanya explained it this way: her father himself was a psychopath and he liked strong personalities, and Stolbun was just such a dictator.

Tanya told me that in this sect, which was located in the suburbs, there were about 30-40 people: boys, girls, women, men. And the girl became his mistress, slaves. Stolbun slept with all the “concubines”, which subsequently bore him many children! The exact number is hard to say.

– what are the families of Stolbun chosen children?

From very wealthy families, and from 12 years! The only way! Parents, he promised to raise the children strong, smart, successful people. Have Stolbun was very hard working methods, Tanya told me that every day in the sect chose one child who was abused by everyone else. He could take any boy or girl and beat him with his fists. Besides hitting the children worked in the fields, in the gardens, which was extremely hard work.

Parents pay for it?

– of Course, very good money. Tanya has been in the cult for two years. She lived there and studied, and the assumption had been expelled Stolbun 10 percent of all their income. Edward knew that this school was going on, he knew of children being bullied, however, supported Stolbun financial.10 percent of all their income to the sect is a fabulous price! Cartoons, advertising, contributions assumption brought colossal income.

Returning to the beginning of the conversation: then the biggest prize in children’s literature may be named after such a man? I asked friends, almost everyone knows of the assumption for cartoons, and his books are quite dull and boring. You have to understand that over the cartoons was a whole team of people, not just assumption! It is impossible that such an important award bore the name of a man who was a tyrant and hated children, what ‘ he admitted.

in Addition to Tanya, he had two foster girls with a disability, so he threw them not a penny paid and went to Eleonora Filina. However, at the end of life, he went back to his ex-wife (second wife Elena), she forgave him and moved in with these girls.

– Home of the sect was not allowed to leave?

No. It was strictly forbidden.

– Mother Tatiana, other relatives really could not help her?

– So, Uspensky took with him a daughter after the divorce, and then remarried to a young woman (Elena, the second wife of the playwright – “MK”) Then the daughter became sharply is not necessary. His attitude towards Tanya has not changed, even when she grew up.

once, she told me about the accident. By this time Tanya was already married, my husband was in the scaryth accident in the suburbs. Her face was mutilated, broken nose, ribs, covered in blood, as husband. PE happened near the workshop of the assumption, and Tanya suggested, to go to him, to spend the night, wash away the blood. The assumption was there, and I know that he said his daughter and son-in-law? “No, guys, leave. I drank, not to you.” Such stories very much to me, Tanya said.

to Drink of the assumption and didn’t?

– He stopped drinking and then started again. I think he liked Stolbun because it was more powerful.

the assumption all my friends offered to give children to this “school”: “He’s going to make your son or daughter the present of genius!” Again, Stolbun recruited children only those families who could pay the homeless did not interest him.

he Remembered another horror associated with the sect. Once Stolbun told the children about the trip to Dushanbe. The guys thought that was cool on the bus go, but no, hitchhiking. The adolescents themselves had to first get to Tver, and Stolbun somehow was able to negotiate with schools, rest homes, which were allocated already in place gave the children sports halls, abandoned some of the premises.

And worst of all, when Tanya and the other children went out on the road, in winter, to vote, to seek out who they will take, the road we drove just assumption on your machine. He stopped, asked what was the matter. Tanya all told our father, he offered to throw them 50 kilometers, while it was on the way. Took the boys up to a certain point and left. Tanya thought that though give money, but Eduardo was not up to it, he’s a girl in the new sat.

– Children living in Stolbun, did not go to regular school?

– didn’t go, he could settle all these issues, hired its teachers.

assumption was friends with Tolboom and after Tatiana left the school?

– of Course. And always financially supported him.

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