is terminated route to The thirsty: For the past five years, there was “Who wants to be a millionaire?” is not the main profit for more. For the Vitamin and Euro-Kick, a juice shop owner from Cologne: Casual, focused, and full of courage to take risks, Ronald ten-Holte (35) gambled for the victory and responded to the 88 provided on Tuesday. Million-dollar question in the history of the Show correctly. TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show

The rage in his Smoothie Bar was a Ingwershot: “Good for the immune system,” says ten-Holte. The smart is likely to have Cologne, some indulged in: Cool, agile, and very Joker-economical it was to question, question and knew of the 2,000 Euro mark, the correct spelling of the other, less-healthy drink: the Caipirinha.

Eight weddings and a Tesla

With a gut feeling, he decided, correctly, that there are already two actors for the role of “the Joker” won an Academy award (8,000 Euro), the current basketball coach of the national team from Iceland, it was (16,000 euros), the Monte-Rosa massif, the highest peaks in the Alps unites (32.000), “origin”-author Saša Stanišić in Yugoslavia was born (64,000 euros) for the ten-Holte the “horror issue”, not to mention the absurd realization, until the 1950s, a “teacher of celibacy inside” has been in force (125,000 euros).

the Driving force behind Tenholtes appearance was his fiancée. “Without the Million, I don’t need to come home,” the Mission of the confessing Prosopagnostikers – in contrast to his wife’s ten-Holte could remember “just no faces”. Also in terms of life planning, Nora Boeckler be to him in advance: “you want to marry.” The WWM-money was provided for the wedding. The go well with of 64,000 euros, said Jauch: “Or you are the Shah of Persia?” The confession of the stated car fans: “Nice, a Tesla would be.”

On the Euro pallet to a Million

TVNOW tele show

The dream car came a step closer with each question, until it went to the 500,000 Euro mark of life and death: “The nature-given destiny which is the plant, the flowering in most species inevitably leads to death?” Until it finally came to the bamboo, and thus half a Million Euro, died at least ten-Holte and half in nervousness.

The all-important question, in turn, prose was rather graphically: “The classic, standard Euro pallet, EPAL 1 consists of 78 nails, nine blocks and a total of how many boards?” While ten-Holte broke the head, wrote his knowledgeable candidate colleague Dominik Lutzke, a roofer from Bad Sassendorf, Jauch a secret tip in the Hand. As later prescribed turned out! TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show

How good is that ten-Holte loads the raw materials for its juices regularly by such carriers – minutes-long mental Count and a last bold to number Eleven ended with fireworks and the crowning of the twelfth millionaire in the show’s history.

“you were brave, great, and have always thought tactically – a huge number,” said Jauch the winner, and thought, as always practical: “Would have married your fiancee you before, now would be a community of accrued gains.” Quick head count, in turn, revealed: “Now it’s enough for at least eight weddings and a Tesla.” And generous he is, with a view to the original Studio-wooden pallet Which is: “in your profit included.” TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show

Golden piece of advice: “Fuck it, I’ll risk it”

Tenholtes friend Nora, with whom he has been for six years, then let Jauch on the phone once fidget: “I’ve heard you want to marry.” Nora Boeckler: “Yes, but Ronald doesn’t want to spend money.” As Jauch told her of the changed circumstances, freaks out, you: “amazing! They also come to the wedding?” – “It is the Emotional, I tend to the Cool,” commented the still visibly upset, distressed, New millionaire, the enthusiasm of his loved one. TVNOW tele show

for a long time and at least up to the intended wedding, he will surely remember to tip him with a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-To spoke to employee at the beginning of the Show the tip: “they always Say, “Fuck it, I’ll risk it’.”

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