the Philip became the headliner of the “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. During the festival, not only did he have his own memorial in the city, but first touched on rumors of his quarrel with his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva.

After the forced isolation during the quarantine, “Slavic Bazaar” was the first mass event with joy rushed Russian stars. In the opening ceremony of the festival took part Philip Kirkorov, who became the main guest of the event. Also the singer became a laureate of special award of President of the Republic of Belarus and received a commemorative badge.

Now on the walk of fame in Vitebsk lit Star under the name Philip! 🌟 Today I became a laureate of special award of President of the Republic of Belarus "Through art to peace and understanding". 🌍 The ceremony of laying the memorial sign was held immediately after the solemn flag-raising XXIX International festival of arts “Slavic Bazaar”. Now in the Summer amphitheatre is the Star of polished granite with the symbol of the festival – the flower of the cornflower with the name #ФилиппКиркоров2020 @festivalvitebsk

Publish from Philip (@fkirkorov) 16 Jul 2020 10:16 PDT

At a press conference on the occasion of his participation in the festival Kirkorov appeared in a playful mood and managed to make a lot of statements. Journalists asked the musician to comment on the rumors about his spat with his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva: previously, the ex-wife regularly demonstrated preserved the friendship in social networks, and now the Diva even unsubscribed from Philip on Instagram.

we do Not have any relationship, everyone has their own life. The joy she has to share with anyone. I can see — unlike Alla, I signed it, — quotes Kirkorov edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The contractor added that will always come to the aid of his ex-wife, if she needed.

Itself the singer has described as “beautiful and happy” person with a rich personal life. Kirkorov admitted that he now prefers “sex without obligations” and “walk, man”, as it is not linked in matrimony.

Recall that during the quarantine, the musician has devoted much time to the family in Instagram he is constantly sharing images, in which he, along with Martin and Alla-Victoria withnuzzled together time.