“For the foot there is a big difference, whether you jog, with or without shoes,” explains Oliver Kessler, a specialist in orthopedic surgery in Zurich. “Shoes to force us to an unnatural speed. We roll more with the heels and thus increase the pressure on our bones and joints.” This was also the case while Jogging.

When Jogging without shoes, however will train the muscles of the feet in a natural way. This does not happen from one day to the next, says Kessler, but you can find over a longer period of time, a significant change in the muscles. This has a positive effect on other joints such as the knees or the hips.

“children, for example, you can be barefoot to run around, have in adulthood are often a stronger foot muscles and less joint problems,” says Kessler. In addition, the likelihood of developing a foot deformity and falls ill, as, for example, a buckling foot, to.

shoes can cause pain

“I have are the result of many patients, the severe knee pain is a misalignment in the foot.” The pain in the knee can be caused according to Kessler, by the so-called Heel-toe transition. If we with shoes Jogging on, we are stronger with the heels. “The Heel I recognize, among other things, to loud Occur.”

The Barefoot Jogging can’t cure such a pain, but lead to significant relief. Without shoes occurs namely soft. This is due to the fact that the probe is excited sense in the foot stronger. This automatically leads to more prudent Occur in the middle of the foot, which, in turn, reduces the pressure on the joints.

So you get used to the feet to Barefoot Running

“Who starts in the adult age, to Jogging barefoot, you should start slowly,” warns Kessler. Because the body needed to get used first to it. In addition, you should be running according to the expert, always on soft ground and not on the road. “Sand is the best substrate. If you have the opportunity, not necessarily on the beach for a jog!”

The probability of getting foot fungus, you can reduce the Jogging without shoes by the way. The fungi prefer as dark as possible and moist. The best conditions are in the Shoe.

Better running performance

That the mileage improves, if you are Jogging without shoes, it was clear, so Kessler. However, other factors to performance to get it. “The step length becomes shorter, in other words, jogs with a higher step frequency to achieve the same speed. This is in contact with less soil. This leads to increased running performance.” Kessler and white but also: “Just because you are Jogging barefoot, you still will not be the Olympic champion.”